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{52}{103}Kill the king.
{143}{184}No more!
{392}{482}I'll never be able to face|him again unless you...
{483}{581}I am not gonna glamour you, just|because you don't want to feel guilty.
{582}{635}Tomorrow night we're going to|finish Marnie once and for all.
{635}{663}And if innocent|people die?
{664}{687}It's war.
{688}{733}Don't forget me|right away.
{762}{812}Marcus Bozeman is|a dead fuckin' wolf.
{836}{870}He ain't here. What?
{871}{906}<i>Somebody</i>|<i>got beat to death!</i>
{907}{936}Four on one!
{937}{961}And you're one of|the fuckin' four.
{962}{997}Wish me luck.|Wait!
{998}{1026}I gotta save Marnie.
{1156}{1181}Welcome back.
{1182}{1230}Why don't you know where|your old man's at?
{1231}{1256}You don't like him.
{1257}{1301}Different philosophies.
{1301}{1345}Him and me, we've got|the same problem.
{1346}{1380}I don't know what|to do about it.
{1381}{1437}Hook up with|a different wolf.
{1512}{1547}Say you won't|do V no more!
{1548}{1599}I'll never do|another drop again.
{1600}{1648}Take your first steps|as a free man tonight...
{1649}{1680}When you walk|all the way home.
{1710}{1735}Are you okay?
{1736}{1815}This is not possession,|this is union.
{1816}{1874}<i>Sookie, Marnie</i>|<i>is behind this now.</i> -<i>Shit.</i>
{1874}{1922}- Tara! Hurry!|- Run!
{1922}{1952}<i>Walls up!</i>
{1953}{1993}Sookie! No! God!
{2297}{2375}I am so sick of silvering|myself all day every day.
{2375}{2459}I'm pissed off all the time.|This is what PMS used to feel like.
{2459}{2568}Our objective is to kill the witch and|finish this one way or the other.
{2569}{2620}But we're gonna finish this|tonight. Are we clear?
{2621}{2692}Utterly. Can we blow up|these Wiccan dipshits already?
{2692}{2735}I got a mani-pedi at four.
{2822}{2932}Vampires are outside|with automatic weapons.
{2955}{2987}What idiots.
{2988}{3057}Listen to me.
{3058}{3097}Bill and Eric are here|to blow up the place.
{3098}{3143}If we don't get out,|we're all gonna die.
{3144}{3209}Oh, my God. I gotta|get outta here.
{3210}{3295}Don't you get it? This is|the Hotel California, baby.
{3296}{3397}You can check out any time you want,|but you can't never fuckin' leave!
{3476}{3515}Roy is wrong.
{3516}{3611}This is not a prison. You|may leave at any time.
{3736}{3811}You use that against|the vampires.
{3812}{3848}There's the door.
{3872}{3909}Good luck.
{3910}{3941}What, do you|think this is funny?
{3941}{4017}We're all gonna die because|of you, you fucking bitch!
{4456}{4484}Oh, Casey.
{4741}{4837}<font color=#00ff00>??? True Blood 4x11 ???</font>|<font color=#00ffff>Soul of Fire</font>|Original Air Date on September 4, 2011
{4837}{4933}== sync, corrected by <font color="#00ff00">elderman</font> ==
{4948}{5044}<i>??? When you came in</i>|<i>the air went out</i>
{5119}{5245}<i>??? And every shadow</i>|<i>filled up with doubt</i>
{5304}{5445}<i>??? I don't know who you think you are,</i>|<i>but before the night is through</i>
{5490}{5576}<i>??? I want to do bad</i>|<i>things with you</i>
{5649}{5751}<i>??? I'm the kind to</i>|<i>sit up in his room</i>
{5826}{5926}<i>??? Heartsick and eyes</i>|<i>filled up with blue</i>
{6003}{6163}<i>??? I don't know what you've done to</i>|<i>me, but I know this much is true</i>
{6192}{6275}<i>??? I want to do bad</i>|<i>things with you</i>
{6711}{6819}<i>??? I want to do real</i>|<i>bad things with you ???</i>
{7111}{7138}Oh, shit.
{7171}{7227}Marnie just puked a bitch out.
{7303}{7343}I told you don't leave.
{7344}{7382}What do you mean,|"puked her out"?
{7382}{7435}I mean she came right out of|her motherfucking mouth,
{7436}{7470}and I can see her.
{7514}{7550}How the hell can you|see any of this?
{7550}{7585}He's a medium.|It's a gift.
{7586}{7612}Since fuckin' when?
{7613}{7654}What's she doin' now?
{7655}{7710}She's dirty,|dark hair...
{7747}{7774}It's Antonia.
{7775}{7818}You murdered|an innocent.
{7818}{7854}One of our own!
{7855}{7910}Evil has blossomed|in you.
{7910}{7966}Our time together|has come to an end.
{7990}{8015}Our plan.
{8016}{8062}We are so close.
{8063}{8099}You are not who|I thought you were.
{8100}{8162}You will not leave me.
{8209}{8262}The bitch want to leave,|but Marnie won't let her.
{8366}{8394}Oh, no.
{8432}{8472}It's a binding spell. Marnie's|binding Antonia to herself.
{8473}{8499}What does that mean?
{8500}{8538}It means Marnie's|gone batshit.
{8539}{8617}If she binds Antonia,|we're all fucked.
{8665}{8744}She's pullin'|the bitch toward her,
{8745}{8794}but Antonia fightin' it.
{9090}{9120}Marnie won.
{9177}{9217}We're fucked.
{9217}{9279}Eric, watch the back.
{9280}{9333}Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,|whoa, whoa! Stop, stop, stop.
{9359}{9439}Stop. Stop.
{9440}{9520}You can't blow that place up. Put|that thing down. Sookie's in there.
{9521}{9547}What? I told her|to stay away!
{9548}{9585}And you expected|her to listen?
{9586}{9614}Fuckin' Sookie.
{9615}{9646}Fuckin' Sookie.|Put it down.
{9647}{9684}Fuckin' Sookie?
{9685}{9733}Fuckin' Sookie?
{9734}{9778}Yeah. Fuckin' Sookie.
{9779}{9825}As usual, she's in|the goddamn way.
{9826}{9864}I don't believe this.
{9865}{9970}Hey, Sookie picked you up, cold and|scared, off the side of the road,
{9971}{10001}and opened her|home to you.
{10002}{10046}Well, technically,|it's my home.
{10047}{10126}Fuck you, chump!|It's her house!
{10127}{10215}And you, how many times has|Sookie saved your life?
{10216}{10305}Lettin' you drink her blood like it|was your own private soda fountain.
{10306}{10381}And now you'd even think about hurtin'|her just to settle some score.
{10436}{10504}Are you both fucking nuts?
{10573}{10602}We must abort.
{10633}{10677}I agree.
{10678}{10717}Holy shit, gentlemen.
{10718}{10760}Do not tell me you'd|put our entire species
{10761}{10812}at risk for a gash|in a sundress.
{10871}{10932}We have to find another way.
{10933}{11077}And just so you know, Marnie put a|spell on the whole place. Watch this.
{11189}{11243}Goes around the|whole dang place.
{11311}{11356}We have to disable it.
{11357}{11385}Damn straight.
{11493}{11547}Why are you staring|daggers at me?
{11548}{11592}Wasn't even|lookin' at ya.
{11593}{11622}Yeah, you were.
{11664}{11742}And I still feel guilty,|okay? So sue me.
{11743}{11785}Jason, I don't care|how you feel.
{11831}{11875}You're the furthest thing|from my mind, okay?
{11992}{12030}We gotta think|about Sookie.
{12031}{12070}Well, then we can't|use explosives.
{12152}{12186}Stalling time's over.
{12216}{12266}Where the hell is he?
{12267}{12326}That gun's not exactly|helping my memory.
{12470}{12496}Where's Marcus?
{12497}{12542}New Mexico.
{12542}{12568}New Mexico?
{12569}{12630}Yeah. Oh, no, hold on.
{12630}{12665}No, no, he's in Brazil.
{12666}{12701}Fucking asshole.
{12702}{12752}Aw, shoot, my bad.
{12753}{12802}He's in fuckin' Disneyland.
{12829}{12867}Where is he?
{12868}{12906}Hey, new guy.
{12907}{12979}I don't know how they did|things down in Mississippi,
{12980}{13060}but in Shreveport, we don't sell|out our packmaster to no shifter.
{13061}{13114}Your packmaster|is a sociopath!
{13116}{13165}Made us both|accessories to murder!
{13166}{13198}That someone|you really want to protect?
{13198}{13245}Marcus? Emma?
{13287}{13330}Where is Marcus? I'm|gonna kill him.
{13331}{13397}Emma's missing, and that son of a bitch|snatched her right out of school!
{13398}{13466}Tell me where he is or|I will fucking kill you!
{13467}{13500}- Tell me where he is!|- Easy.
{13501}{13537}- Fucking tell me where he is!|- Easy!
{13537}{13580}Easy now, easy.
{13581}{13633}Hey, hey, hey, hey.
{13634}{13681}Hey. We'll find Emma.
{13681}{13710}Why are you here?
{13738}{13780}Marcus murdered my brother.
{13809}{13840}He did what? Oh my God.
{13866}{13895}I need to find him,
{13918}{13960}and set things right.
{13960}{14015}This isn't a wolf-shifter|thing, Nate.
{14016}{14104}It's right and wrong,|plain and simple.
{14104}{14166}Now, unless you want to be|accomplice to kidnapping too,
{14195}{14235}you tell me where|Marcus went.
{14353}{14419}He said he'd be back.|That's all I know.
{14441}{14466}Debbie, just listen to me.
{14467}{14524}I'm listenin', Marcus.|You're not listenin'.
{14548}{14588}I ain't goin'|away with you.
{14588}{14613}I can't.
{14664}{14692}You mean you won't.
{14693}{14751}Right. I won't.
{14752}{14792}I like you.
{14820}{14845}I really do.
{14882}{14908}What, sweetie?
{14909}{14944}I want to talk to Mommy.
{15098}{15159}your mommy's busy|right now, Emma.
{15160}{15231}Why don't you go|color, huh?
{15232}{15279}Let your daddy talk to his|friend for a minute, okay?
{15317}{15346}All right.
{15570}{15646}you and me, we make|sense together.
{15647}{15686}And I promise you this.
{15750}{15806}I'll get you off the V.
{15807}{15835}Is that right?
{15917}{15959}You know, I've|tried, Marcus.
{15984}{16053}I'm tryin'.|It ain't easy.
{16090}{16139}Lots of days, I don't even|know if I ...
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