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The Second Messiah - Isilo
The Second Messiah
'Persuasive . . . convincing . . . deliriously Pythonesque'
Sunday Times
'An intriguing gallivant through time ... a fascinating read'
The Scotsman
'A magnificent piece of detective work ... a tour de force'
New Humanity
Praise for The Hiram Key
'A breakthrough book. The last four thousand years are never
going to look the same again'
Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods and Keepers
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of Genesis
'Earthshaking conclusions'
The Scotsman
'One of the most provocative books of the century ... a must for
D. S. Bouschor, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of
'A truly terrific read'
The Irish Times
Freemasonry's darkest secret
The Second Messiah reveals that the Turin Shroud, far from being
an icon of the established church, provides scientific evidence of
an alternative, hidden history of Western civilisation and the secret
societies that have controlled it. For seven and a half centuries a
piece of cloth was venerated because it bore the image of the
crucified Christ, but in 1988 results of carbon dating showed that
the fabric could not pre-date 12.60. Now new evidence
conclusively proves that it h not a take... yet neither is it the image
of Jesus Christ.
In solving the riddle of the shroud this book unravels a far deeper
mystery, how this medieval artefact links directly both to Jesus and
the man believed to he Jesus's successor. The guardians of this
great secret tried hard to hide it from the world and even their own
members. But they failed to destroy the evidence,,, hidden in
abandoned rituals of Freemasonry.
To my wife and our three children.
To my wife Susan and our daughters Kathryn, Lucy and Sophie.
Templars, the Turin Shroud
and the Great Secret
of Freemasonry
Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas
This edition published by Arrow Books Limited 1998
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Christopher Knight was born in 1950 and in 1971 completed his
education with a degree in advertising and graphic design. He has
always had a strong interest in social behaviour and belief
systems and for many years he has been a consumer
psychologist involved in the planning of new products and their
marketing. In 1976 he became a Freemason and is now the
chairman of a marketing and advertising agency.
Dr Robert Lomas was born in 1947 and gained a first class
honours degree in electrical engineering before taking up research
into solid state physics. He later worked on guidance systems for
Cruise missiles and was involved in the early development of
personal computers and has always had a keen interest in the
history of science. He currently lectures at Bradford University
Management Centre. In 1986 he became a Freemason and
quickly became a popular lecturer on Masonic history in lodges in
West Yorkshire.
Their first book was the bestselling The Hiram Key, published in
1996 by Century. It is also available in Arrow paperback. Their
third book, Uriel's Machine, was published by Century in 1999.
The authors would like to thank the following people for their help
and support during the writing of this book.
W. Bro Alan Atkins, W. Bro John Barlow, Russell Barnes, Dr Frank
Bartells, Baron St Clair Bonde, Mark Booth, Robert Brydon, The
Right Revd Gerrard Crane, Revd Mrs Pam Crane, Greg Clark,
Prof Philip Davies, Judy Fisken, W. Bro Edgar Harborne, Jacques
Huyghebaert, W. Bro Arthur Issat, Revd Hugh Lawrance, Dr Jack
Miller, Dr Alan Mills,Dr Graham Phillips, Barbara Pickard, Tessa
Ransford, Liz Rowlinson, Dr Neil Sellors, Iain Sinclair, Niven
Sinclair, Robert Temple, Tony Thorne, Roy Vickery, Bridget de
Villiers, John Wade, DrTim Wallace-Murphy, the staff at Rosslyn
Chapel, the Trustees of Rosslyn Chapel, the Scottish Poetry
Library, the National Museum of Natural History, the Grand Lodge
of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland.
We would also especially like to single out for thanks our agent Mr
Bill Hamilton of A. M. Heath Ltd for his invaluable guidance and
encouragement during the writing of this book.
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Wine is strong,
a king is stronger,
women are even stronger.
But truth will conquer all.
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