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Earth Changes and the Ascension of Planet Earth
Book II:
[16th Edition - Revised 2012]
Copyright © 2012 by Lawrence & Michael Sartorius with the exception of credited quotations.
Deutsche Übersetzung: 'DIE NEUE ERDE' - Buch 2: Die Veränderungen der Erde
Introduction to the coming Earth Changes
Chapter 1: Ancient Prophecies Chapter
2: A History of Upheaval
Chapter 3: Prophets of Our Time
Chapter 4: Cleansing Planet Earth
Chapter 5: The Higher Plan
Chapter 6: Time for Choice
Chapter 7: The Flying Saucers
Chapter 8: Home on a Mother Ship
Chapter 9: Planning a New World
Chapter 10: Updates from the Galactic Federation
Introduction to the coming Earth Changes
We are on the verge of a significant change of Universal Age, and it is now important at this
time to become fully aware that we are in fact surrounded by millions of other worlds
teeming with intelligent life. Most of them are vastly more advanced than our own world,
living on higher Planes/Dimensions with a higher vibration-rate than Earth's dense-physical
"Third Dimension". A large group of these worlds have been closely watching over us
since WW II with millions of their Motherships invisibly surrounding us, ready to assist
us at any moment to fulfill our Ascension up to a Fourth Dimensional "New Earth". They also
have had an important function in shielding us from any unwarranted intrusions or attacks by
those Forces of Darkness that unfortunately still exist within our Galaxy. However, they have
never wished to directly interpose themselves on our World, as any interference without our
express invitation would be wrong karmaically.
Most of us, as the "Explorer Race" have volunteered to come to Planet Earth expressly to
partake in a planetary experiment in overcoming/resolving the Duality inherent in our
Universe of Good and Evil - the eternal fight between the Forces of Light and Darkness
- the Positive versus the Negative. This difficult process has actually been assisted by our
being shrouded from contact with all the other Worlds under an externally imposed “Veil”
of isolation. Over two-hundred thousand years ago our Planet was placed under
“Quarantine”, along with 37 other Planets in our Local System of Satania within our "Milky
Way" Galaxy/Local Universe of Nebadon which were involved in the “Lucifer Rebellion”
against the ruling Grand Universe Hierarchy. This has had the effect of cutting us off from
direct contact with all the other surrounding Worlds and of any knowledge of their
inhabitants. On the other hand this “Veil” has given us a unique opportunity to concentrate,
un-influenced by outsiders, on our special Planetary experiment in exploring the ultimate
extremes of Duality between the Forces of Good and Evil. We have undertaken this difficult
task in order to develop new solutions, not only for our own World, but also for the benefit of
many other Worlds. As a side effect, this “Veil” has at the same time prevented us at any
time from opting-out of our self-imposed task and escaping to the peace of the Higher
Spiritual Planes.
Our Space Brothers from more advanced worlds have had to limit our knowledge of their
presence to only to those Earth Humans who either had a direct connection with them in a
previous life or who had over many lives developed an extra-sensory psychic ability to
communicate through channeling. Nonetheless, our extraterrestrial visitors have at times
tried to communicate directly with either our Governments or our media, especially so in a
wish to warn them of the extreme dangers of our development and use of atomic weapons,
and particularly the Hydrogen bomb. They did also have come to warn us of the coming
"Earth Changes" associated with the ending of one major Age and the approach of a new
one. However, Governments fearing the loss of their control over us, have
conducted a major "Cover Up" of their existence since World War II, and at the same time
intimidated the world's media into ignoring any reports of their appearances in our skies. In
the meantime, the Governments have quietly created their own secret files of all the
numerous UFO sightings supplied by their Military Forces and filed them away in Top-Secret
Archives, even though at the same time secretly interacting with some of these
extraterrestrial visitors.
As an example of the US Government's cover-up of UFOs and the existence of
extraterrestrials over the years, only recently the true secrets of the well-known Roswell
flying saucer crash in 1947 have been revealed, and this by a non-governmental source.
When a "Flying Saucer" was reported on the 8th of July 1947 to have crashed near Roswell,
New Mexico, a US Air Force retrieval team was immediately sent to the site of the crash.
Among them was an Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Nurse, Matilda MacElroy, who was
given the task of attending to the sole survivor E.T. in the crashed craft out of the two other
crew members. She turned out to be the only person on their return to the Military Base
who was able to communicate with the survivor through telepathy, which nobody else was
able to do. She was given the task of communicating with the small E.T. Being, whom she
was to name as "Airl", who refused to answer any questions other than through her. After
being helped by Nurse MacElroy to learn English through the use of many books borrowed
from the Base's Library on all sorts of Earth subjects over a 16 day period, Airl was to
give an extraordinary telepathic message, and only through Nurse MacElroy, which was
transcribed by a Government stenographer. This gave amy details the workings of what Airl
described as the evil "Old Empire" within our area of the Universe - fortunately much of
which has since then been disbanded and removed, although remnants still operate on Earth
(these same "Forces of Darkness" have also been vividly described in the Creator God
Horus (Heru) messages in Chapter 10 of The New Earth - Book 1) . Following the E.T.'s
death 6 weeks later, brought on by electric shock treatment by US Government
operatives, Nurse MacElroy was debriefed and sent into forced retirement by the US Air
Force, but managed in the confusion to retain her own copy of the transcripts of the
interviews. These were duplicates of the "Top Secret" transcripts also kept by the US
Government, the existence of which they have never revealed to the public. 60 years later
on, Mrs. MacElroy sent her copy of the Transcripts to Lawrence R. Spencer, the Author of
"The Oz Factors" (which she had read after he had contacted her by phone in 1998) not long
before her death at the age of 83. Mr Spencer has bravely published this as the book "Alien
Interview" (this book can be read in PDF format, from the Link at the end of this Book II) .
On the night and early hours of February 20-21, 1954, while on a
'vacation' in Palm Springs, California, President Dwight Eisenhower
'went missing' and was taken to Edwards Air Force Base (previously Muroc Airfield) for a
secret meeting. This was to be a 'First Contact' meeting with Extraterrestrials by the US
Government and was the beginning of a series of later meetings with other
Extraterrestrial Races. The Extraterrestrials of this visit were described as being of a "Nordic"
appearance and they came to make a request for President Eisenhower to stop pursuing the
Nuclear Arms Race and not to continue developing the highly dangerous Hydrogen
Bomb. However, Eisenhower's Administration responded that they could not do this so
long as the Soviet Union also continued its own nuclear build-up. During the
extraterrestrial negotiations, various other Government personnel took the unique opportunity
to investigate the varied collection of spacecraft which had landed on the Airfield.
Later on in 1954, there was to be another meeting between the Eisenhower Administration
and some quite different Extraterrestrials. These were a renegrade race of Zeta
Reticulians, better known as the "Grays", because of their gray colored skin. They have
hairless bodies and a large head with big round dark eyes, the result of having to live many
thousands of years underground on their Planet after contaminating the surface with a
nuclear war with their more advanced Zeta Reticuli compatriots. The Grays were no longer
able to reproduce themselves through normal physical means and had to rely on 'cloning'
their bodies to continue life and therefore they were gradually dying out. They were also
of a generally non-loving and self-serving nature. They were hoping to engineer a
transference of Human Earthling DNA genetics to enable them to once again physically
reproduce themselves.
It was in the latter part of 1954 that they landed at Holloman Air Force Base and
requested the making a of Treaty with the U.S. Government in exchange for some of their
more advanced technology. They identified themselves as originating from a Planet around a
Red Star in the Constellation of Orion which we called Betelgeuse. They stated that their
Planet was dying and that at some unknown future time they would no longer be able to
survive there. A Treaty was eventually signed between them and the U.S. Government for
them to re-engineer their failing DNA with that of Earth Humans in exchange for their
spacecraft technology and weapons. The Treaty that was agreed on stated that the Aliens
would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in theirs. We would keep their
presence on Earth a secret and provide them with a large underground Base facilities under
the "Four Corners" area of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. They were not make
any treaty with any other Earth Nation. They would be allowed to make abductions of
Humans on a limited and periodic basis for the purpose of medical examination and
monitoring of our development, with the stipulation that the Humans would not be harmed,
and be returned to their point of abduction with no memory of the event. They were to
furnish the Government with a list of all Human contacts and abductees on a regularly
scheduled basis. However, over a period of forty years they appear to have gone back on
their word to either supply very meaningful new technology or to keep their word on the
amount and degree of abductions. This applied particularly to women and children taken up
to their Mothership for experimental surgery, as well as to their frequent mutilation of cattle in
a continued effort to extract genetic codes. As a result, the U.S. Government had gradually
closed down most of their extensive underground Bases by the late 1990s, leaving them to
carry on with more limited facilities.
There have also been many other U.S. Government meetings with Extraterrestials. In fact,
J.F. Kennedy was about to give a major speech on the day he was assassinated (by an
Agent of Earth's "Secret Government") in which he would have revealed the existence of
Extraterrestrials ( see the following link to his intended speech: JFKennedy's Speech he
was to give on the Day he was Assassinated). As we know, this speech was
unfortunately never given. In fact the Galactic Federation had planned to make a first
major appearance with their space craft within a short period following Kennedy's Speech,
and this plan had to be abandoned. It would no doubt have ushered in a major change
of direction in Earth's future development.
Apart from these secret contacts with the U.S.Government, there have also been many
thousands of unofficial reported "flying-saucer" or UFO sightings as well as quite a few direct
contacts made to individuals. Although they became well-known to limited circles of Earth's
"Lightworkers", they have always been totally ignored by the mainstream Media through
behind-the-scenes Government control. One of the first major "Contactees" was George
Adamski, who wrote several books in the mid 1950s detailing his physical contacts with
Venusian, Saturnian and Martian Space visitors and of his journeys up in their Scout-ships
to their large Motherships overhead. In his second book "Inside the Space Ships" , he
describes in fascinating detail the interiors of these Motherships and his many conversations
with their Commanders and other onboard personnel. A few years later, Dino Kraspedon,
a Brazilian, also published a book describing his unexpected meeting with the Captain of a
300-foot Flying Saucer Scout, who gave him much useful scientific information about space
travel and their methods of propulsion. Among other things, the Captain explained how they
can move at enormous speeds through our atmosphere by creating a vacuum around the
Scouts by ionizing the air surrounding the craft to prevent atmospheric friction. He was also
one of the first to give us information on the approaching "Earth Changes". ( For an extended
excerpt from the Book, "My Contact with Flying Saucers" by Dino Kraspedon, see the Link
at the end of Book II, and which also has a follow-on to Adamski's books )
In the last 16 years there have been a growing number of channeled E.T. messages
published in various books and specialist magazines, particularly those coming from the
Galactic Federation (see the "Updates" in Chapter 10) and also more recently from The
Andromeda Council (which can be read in a linked document at the end of this Book II).
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