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This project represents a work of LOVE.
All texts so far gathered, as well as all future gatherings aim at exposing
interested students to occult information. Future releases will include
submissions from users like YOU.
For some of us, the time has come to mobilize. If you have an interest in
assisting in this process - we all have strengths to bring to the table.
email : occult.digital.mobilization@gmail.com
Complacency serves the old gods .
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Take warning from the misfortunes of others, so that others need not
have to take warning from your own.
- Saadi, Rose Garden
13th Century
When the camel of our efforts sinks into the mud, what matter whether
the destination is near or far?
- Ustad Khalilullah Khalili,
Quatrains, 1975
The world has no being but an allegory:
From end to end its state is but a farce and play
- Shabistari, Secret Garden
13th Century
I n t r o d u c t i o n b y Doris Lessing
'Beginning to Begin' 13
Sufis and their Imitators
Attaining Knowledge 26
Secrets and the Sufis 35
When to have Meetings 37
The Ceiling 41
Conflicting Texts 46
Self-Deception 48
Journeys to the East 50
What a Sufi Teacher Looks Like 53
Books and Beyond Books 56
Secrecy 63
'You Can't Teach by Correspondence'
Background to 'Humility' 71
How Serious is the Student?
Social and Psychological Elements in Sufi Study 79
Characteristics of Attention and Observation 85
Operation of the Attention Factor - Motivation of Transactions
- Attention under Personal Control - Excess and Deprivation
of Attention - Study of People and Ideas apart from their
Attention Value - Identification of Underlying Factors - Raising
the Emotional Pitch - Fossil Indicators
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