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n a d d i t i o n t o t h e 1 7 i n c r e d i b l y h o t g i r l s
featured within who are pursuing their dream
of higher education, we’ve highlighted some
gorgeous grads from Playboy’s school of sexy.
You’re invited to attend an incredible class reunion
with seven former students from the College Girls
class of 1999—this is one reunion
you’ll want to attend!
Jeff Cohen Executive Editor, Publisher
Stacy S. Collins Managing Editor
Karen Stevens Senior Editor
Greg Mullins Designer
Justin Zucker Designer
Julie Lain Designer’s Assistant
Gloria Napier Photo Services Administrator
Joann McEwen Photo Librarian
Maria Mandis Production Director
Aimee Kurzynski Designer
Sarah Preston Copy Editor
Photo Production Coordinators:
Linda Kenney [Los Angeles]; Cynthia Kaye
[Atlanta]; Debbee May [New York];
Jodi Vander Woude [Las Vegas];
Mikki Chernoff [Houston]; Penny Phang
[Vancouver]; Pat Tomlinson [Chicago]
Contributing Photographers:
Mizuno [Los Angeles]; Gen Nishino [New York];
Jarmo Pohjaniemi [Miami]; Byron Newman
[London]; Ric Moore [Dallas]; Waldy Martens
[Vancouver]; George Georgiou,
Andrew Goldman [Chicago]
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