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Origami Bunny
This very cute little bunny is fun all year round, but also
makes the perfect Easter decoration for a greetings card or
even an Easter tree! Perhaps you could use some double-
sided sticky tape to attach him to a boiled egg for your
Easter breakfast!
We have used googly eyes and a black marker to decorate
our bunnies.
1. Start by folding your
square in half diagonally,
and creasing carefully.
2. Fold the triangle in half again,
like this. Crease.
3. Open up the last fold, so that
you once again have the larger
triangle, as shown.
4. Carefully fold up the long edge of
the triangle, about 1/4 of the
distance. Crease well.
5. Fold one of the bottom
corners up along the middle
crease line.
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Origami Bunny- Page 2
6. Your model should look like this. 7. Now fold the other
corner up in the same
8. Flip the model over to the other
side. Now turn the top corners
9. Undo the fold you just made
and reverse it - folding the points
backwards and in towards the
10. When you press the crease
down, your model should look
like this.
11. Flip the whole thing over
again, and turn the bottom point
up about 1/4 of the way, as
shown. It can be a little tricky to
do this as the paper will be stiff.
12. Turn the bunny
back over again, and
he is ready for a face!
If you are careful, you
can stand your bunny
up, using the last fold
you made to balance
Keeping Kids Busy
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