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Unit head

Short test Unit 9

Test 1


1              Choose the correct answers.

1              Did you use to / Would you live in London before you moved here?

2              When we were on holiday last month I went / used to go swimming every day.

3              People with poor eyesight would / will often choose to wear contact lenses.

4              He forever plays / is forever playing that annoying computer game.

5              My phone’s ringing. That is / will be Bob. He always calls at this time.

6              They would have / used to have a farm near Basingstoke.

7              Dom is borrowing / always borrowing my laptop without asking.

8              How often do you go / are you going to the gym these days?

9              Katy wouldn’t eat / wasn’t eating carrots when she was young because she hated the colour.

10              I was never lying / would never lie to my parents when I was a child.


2              Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

attend    strike    redundant    overtime    notice

1              The company had to make some of the staff _________ because business was very slow.

2              The train drivers went on _________ to fight for higher pay.

3              We have to _________ staff meetings once a week.

4              I was very upset when Barry handed in his _________ .

5              How much _________ have you worked this week?

Total: ___/15

Test 2


1              Complete the sentences with the verb forms in the box and the verbs in brackets.

past continuous    was going to    was about to    would    was to

1              The following day __________________ (see) a break in the weather.

2              I never imagined I __________________ (ever be) a successful lawyer.

3              He gave me a present that I __________________ (always remember).

4              I didn’t phone Sue because I __________________ (see) her that evening.

5              I __________________ (invite) you to the concert but it’s been cancelled.

6              It __________________ (be) ten years before I saw him again.

7              I __________________ (leave) the house when I realised I had forgotten my briefcase.

8              I wore a suit because I __________________ (go) for an interview later in the day.

9              I __________________ (phone) Fiona when she phoned me!

10              The test __________________ (take place) in Room 6 but they moved it to Room 8.


2              Complete the sentences with the correct words.

1              There were three c_________ for the job.

2              At the moment it’s c_________ to attend school until you’re seventeen in the UK.

3              Did you send a c_________ letter with your CV?

4              Maths and English are c_________ subjects. Every student has to study them.

5              People with a good t_________-record are more likely to get promotion.

Total: ___/15

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