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BMW  Series
Driving Pleasure
BMW EfficientDynamics
Less emissions. More driving pleasure.
With its power and poise, the new BMW  Series is synonymous with driving pleasure. It represents everything
that makes a typical BMW: sporting ability, elegance, pure aesthetics and pioneering technology.
It’s no coincidence that sporting ability comes rst in this list. In this, its sixth generation, it’s once more the
outstanding characteristic of the BMW  Series Saloon, re ected in every detail: an athletic design with a new,
distinctive face. Powertrain concepts that set high standards for both dynamic performance and fuel economy,
thanks to BMW Ef cientDynamics, and innovations such as the full-colour BMW Head-up Display, part of
BMW ConnectedDrive, mark the new BMW  Series Saloon as the clear leader in its segment.
Another fascinating innovation: the BMW Lines Modern, Sport and Luxury – three distinctive design personalities
for the exterior and interior. Within each Line, you can freely choose a number of exclusive equipment variants
to suit your taste. The result is always a perfect, well-balanced look. In this way, the new BMW  Series Saloon
exhibits a versatility that makes it unique. series
Equipment of model shown: BMW 
  i Modern Line in Havanna metallic.
Engine: BMW TwinPower Turbo
four-cylinder petrol engine
Max. output: 
Wheels:   " light-alloy wheels,
turbine styling   
Exterior colour: Havanna metallic
Upholstery: Dakota leather Oyster,
Oyster dark accents
Interior trim: Fineline Pure wood trim
with Pearl Gloss Chrome accents
Equipment of model shown: BMW 
  i Sport Line in Melbourne Red metallic.
The new BMW  Series Saloon is a winner in every respect. Breathtaking dynamics and impressive technology – embodied in an
unmistakable design, whose uniqueness is further enhanced by the three new BMW Lines: Modern, Sport and Luxury. Exclusive
interior and exterior design elements, from the expressive BMW kidney grille and air inlets to the light-alloy wheels, lend the vehicle
an absolutely distinctive look. The result is three different personalities that have one thing in common – style.
Engine: BMW TwinPower Turbo
four-cylinder petrol engine
Max. output: 
Wheels:   " light-alloy wheels,
double-spoke styling   
Exterior colour: Melbourne Red metallic
Upholstery: Dakota leather Black, Red accents
Interior trim: Finely Brushed Aluminium with
Coral Red matt accents
Equipment of model shown: BMW 
  i Luxury Line in Imperial Blue Brilliant Effect metallic.
Engine: BMW TwinPower Turbo
four-cylinder petrol engine
Max. output: 
Wheels:   " light-alloy wheels,
multi-spoke styling   
Exterior colour: Imperial Blue Brilliant Effect
Upholstery: Dakota leather Saddle Brown with
Exclusive stitching
Interior trim: Burled Walnut wood trim with inlay and
Pearl Gloss Chrome accents
For information on fuel consumption and CO emissions please see page   .
 kW (   hp)
 kW (   hp)
 kW (   hp)
An athletic gure: the design of the new BMW  Series Saloon.
One thing about the new BMW  Series Saloon that immediately captivates
the observer’s attention is its low, sporty front. The way the upper edge of
the redesigned twin headlights curves towards the kidney grille lends the
new BMW  Series a distinctive personality.
But it is the sum of all the details – the short overhangs, the long wheelbase,
the coupé-like roof line and the characteristic side creases – that creates
the sporty overall impression. Decide yourself what you like most about the
design of the new BMW  Series – just follow your eyes.
709584758.014.png 709584758.015.png 709584758.001.png 709584758.002.png 709584758.003.png 709584758.004.png 709584758.005.png
BMW Modern Line. Balance and
contemporary poise are the distinctive
hallmarks of this Line. These characteristics
are re ected in features such as the porous,
textured wood of the Fineline Pure interior
trim, which establishes a fascinating new
trend with its unique look and feel.
BMW Sport Line. This design scheme
underscores the saloon’s sporting
character. In the interior, features such as
red contrasting seams on the leather
steering wheel and the exclusive design of
the instrument dials with red contrasting
rings and red scales add visual appeal.
BMW Luxury Line. This luxurious,
timeless design features classic colours
and leather seats with Exclusive stitching,
demonstrating a love of detail. Fine-wood
trims – optionally with inlay, unique in this
class – further add to the exclusive appeal.
Fascination times three: the new BMW Lines*.
The design of the BMW  Series has always epitomised athleticism, modernity and elegance. In the new
BMW  Series Saloon generation, these three characteristics can be enhanced even further. Choose one of
three BMW Lines, each representing a distinctive design scheme: Modern, Sport or Luxury. Interior colours
and materials create the specific character of each BMW Line, which always harmonises perfectly with the
exterior. In addition, there is a choice of exclusive, perfectly matched upholstery and interior trim variants, allowing
every driver to define an individual look. Whichever design combination you choose, the interior is always
marked by harmonious lines and high-quality, innovative materials. The cabin design also picks up on the
sporting appeal of the exterior – with clear driver orientation and exceptional ergonomics. Its everyday usability,
supported by numerous storage compartments and outstanding flexibility, is one of the many benefits you’ll
be able to enjoy on a daily basis in your new BMW  Series.
See pages   –
 for all the equipment details of the
BMW Lines.
* May not be available in all countries. Please consult
your BMW partner.
709584758.006.png 709584758.007.png 709584758.008.png
Acceleration and stamina: the dynamism and efficiency of the new BMW  Series Saloon.
An athletic design, a powerful engine and impressive efficiency – the new BMW  Series is a real thoroughbred.
One of the features contributing to its best-in-class status is its optional  -speed sport automatic transmission with
Auto Start/Stop function. This performs fast and smooth gear changes, and lowers fuel consumption significantly.
The new BMW    i TwinPower Turbo petrol engine, too, combines superior dynamic performance with outstanding
efficiency. It’s what makes every drive in the new BMW  Series Saloon a first-class sporting event.
Activating the optional sport mode enables
you to view real-time data on power output and
torque on the sport displays.
709584758.009.png 709584758.010.png 709584758.011.png
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