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j fatal --r,eaknes, viz. It makes three stares of
in of tile 11i;i1
priest : washing his flesi~,
ated bv those
parativelv ne r
aspiring :he!%
as jeauers. :.
The ~araiie
tionsof the ipx37
and that of
ties. as ail k.3
shir, on the pi
tabcmacic, .A-
tar, its cnnr
etc. : and tirt
Each aiso en&
separation. -
adven~of C-
That thesg 1
in t!lemsei~~s,
a good of l
XIIU more. they saw llirn go in, UII- I comia~,
to ciose up tile Jewish, 2nd Int1.0-
der ihe sail jdesir. ,111d iie wiil come I ducz tile gospei nqe, and fiur >races, at tills
back to tile chnrch, in Iilce manner as tliep 1 advent: for we were even then Drearninz a
saw him so ; and nor, in an invisible manner. Eourt!i stage. or tlle coming with I~is
Hence, he wiii aqin zcash hi.$&
witil nra- , to complete tile se&nci
zdvent, nnd intro-
ter by the nord, jusz as lie nasned it. during j duce tile miileiinial age. 3at aci4nlttinr:::ac 2
that *' forty davs, ' after ile zntered tiie true / four stages in this harvest and time oftroub
tabernacle or sanctuary, and before iie en- / le, ending in 1911, and which compieteiy
tered the -710s~Holy. 2'. e. whiie on his way cioses the ti6eGf the Gentiles, are riecessa-
led t!;e sanctuary, (Heb. 9 : 4 1, and outside 1 tile corresponding and parallei period, O~C~OS- ,
. 9
And rve know the true tabernacie, cal- ry. whiie 'out three stages were necessav in
the " second vail," is nut :he alorified churcli / ing up the Jewish economy, still, 1 had nev-
as some afirm, since thesanctzcary was to be i er supposed that our expectations looking to
the spring of 1878, as the third stage oJ' the
adve~ztwere realized ; I was not aware that
any one clain~edthat Christ came as King,
in tile spring of 1378; much less that any
cieansed after he 3300 iiays. and a glorified
church requires r~o
When oiir Hi+ Priest comes, the church
" bone of his bone. and flesh of liis flesil,"
are again to be " washed with water by the
word, even as they were washed on his way
to the encii; -
doubt : but tiia
our applicarioni
to grow ins
sitions, is r--
There are rj
leis are dm=&
between t
advent of :n,
tures, that is.
' one has proved it. 111 that case rlle coming
of Christ, in ail irs stages, all that he is ever
in. Anti this is when and how the whole 1 to come, is in the pasr. For there is no Bi-
horizon of the cl~urchis to be ligiited up, 1 ble io prove chat Christ corn& US Xinc/, but
bv the coming, (parousia, yresence) of the 1 once.
If he is ro come as icing twice, per- ).
of man; wen as :he naturai horizon is, haps he may so come. a third, or perhaps a L,
by rhe lightning whicil shines from one part fourttl time. But ?s there is no proof that /
under heaven, to tile other part under heav- / Cllrist came in a third character. in 1878; 'I
& oun
when the time passed. me had to renounce ;
that arrangement of the paralleis, just as we
and proph 3
In the spring of 1875,
had to renouncbour expectation of transla-
the '. iiarx-est " or the
But this does not meak-
rion at that time.
required t
those which (,
have to w -
ing a definite period
en tile system of paraiiels between zhe law
gan in :he autumn of 1874: our immediate ' and gospel, because that system is a scriptur-
conclusion was, that Ci~risthad come. The 1 ai fact. It onlr proves, wnat has hen true,
3s,-as the prc~!ii~etic 1 in eacn and every ?base of this whoie move-
us in be;ie\-ini. *hat the -c time / ment from '43, to the present time, viz. At
of harvest " of the gospei age has cvmmenced,
each poinr. where we espected tra~slation,
Christ nz.u.st be here.-"In the tirne of 1lar / there iias, of necessitv, been a premarure ar-
ves: i \xi11 saz to die rezperq." etc. (31 >tt. , rangement. or cron.jing of events. HOW
I: 0). Anairi. in the astern oi pnraiiels 1 could we expect translation, unless all the
between the Jewish mid gospei c~ispencatio~~s,
, events due hefore transiation, couid beincor-
we taugilt that Jesus came '13 n sin oifering porated into our appiications? In 1U3 we
at his b~rrh,as reap-, at !,is baptisn;: and haci nll the events oi tile whole f'da oi tile
as 1ci.tlg.just prior to his crucifixion.
. .
WOl'h, is.
Thus Lord." crowded into a nucsi~eil, as i~ were.
, And so, as the movement iias gone on, aiid
making three stages, at tile first advent.
Sow, tile pamileis, (*so we said), demand light has increased. there has been less and
And it i
three s:agtts , (no more, no lessj, at Iiis sec- less of this crowding of events; because, as
- \
thr scapegoat, at the enti tile movement was hifilied. the increased
of the "09 t1a.r~. or in lS4i ; a, reap?,
ond corn~i~~:--Xs
light enabled us to detect those p;arts wiiicil
,4nd so, as racii prlase oi the
the :Lntu:rtn ot l>7i : and as killl/, in tile
were spurinus.
conle to:
span: of 1s::: : anti nil~cilthree stages 1 movement has pssed, those wito have been
h t
hare cornpiered the sec>olzd comin2,
in a posiiioli to do so, have seen die zreat
of any par:&
prophec -
Lord p:
a sin ohrri:x
in the end
ple fror
perfect, nnii our appil- , tan21ed web or coniusiol~,mixed with the
crrfio17 corl-ett, (:is or11 breti~ren,whose ianlps little truth we iiad in 1843, gradua!ly unfbid
went out mhtn the )c,?zr+ otc!?p+/ ut '. oil " was and fall into a true Scri1,turai-position.
require(i in tile spring of lrik, still claim).
if tile parililcls rver~~
Tl~iserrand readiustirlg nmonp the ciosins
quire ii~ pex
Bui unfortun:ttel!--i(,r them. tiiat 1)arucui:tr featuresniici details of each anueverpargu-
n;.rar:gemi.rir ot paraiit.i,, and ;u \I ilicll they, ment, (.tnd this of the parnilels, is no excep-
~:L\.~TI; 110 ncivancei; licllt, srrll ciing, has a tionj. cannot oi course, be so fdy appreci-
* I
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