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First published online 05.02.09
Student’s Worksheet 1
American symbols
There are seven red and six white stripes on the American lag, which stand for the
original thirteen colonies that signed the Declaration of Independence.
There are ifty stars on the American lag, which stand for the ifty states.
The lags of Malaysia, Liberia, Cuba and Puerto Rico are all similar to the American
Uncle Sam is a personiication of the USA, probably named after the businessman
Samuel Wilson of Troy, NY.
Some people think that Uncle Sam is called that way because it is an acronym of the
United States of America.
The image of Uncle Sam is so popular that many companies use it in their
advertising. There is even a sportswear company called Uncle Sam.
The American Independence day is celebrated on 4 July and marks the proclamation
of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.
The Independence Day is celebrated with ireworks and parades all over the United
About 150 million hot dogs are eaten in America every year on 4 July. There is even
a hot dog eating competition in New York.
The Statue of Liberty is a present that the United States of America received from
France in 1886 on the 100th anniversary of independence.
The seven spikes in the statue’s crown stand for the seven seas and seven continents.
Until mid-20 th century, nearly all visitors to the USA traveled by sea. New York was
the main port of entry, and the Statue of Liberty “welcomed” every ship that
entered the New York Harbor.
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First published online 05.02.09
Student’s Worksheet 2
American symbols
1. How many red and white stripes are there on the American l ag? What
is their meaning?
2. Why are there i fty stars on the American l ag?
3. Which other countries have their l ags modelled on the USA l ag?
4. Who is Uncle Sam?
5. Why is Uncle Sam called that way?
6. What does the company called Uncle Sam make?
7. When was the Declaration of Independence signed?
8. How is the Independence Day celebrated?
9. What kind of food is particularly popular in the USA on 4 July?
10. Who gave the Statue of Liberty to America?
11. What do the seven spikes in the Statue of Liberty’s crown symbolize?
12. Why was the Statue of Liberty seen by nearly all immigrants to the USA
before ca. 1950?
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