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The Basics
From archaeological jargon to interpretation, this volume probes the depths
of this increasingly popular discipline, presenting critical approaches to the
understanding of our past. A piece of broken pottery will never seem the
same again.
This ultimate guide for all new and would-be archaeologists, whether
they are new students or interested amateurs, introduces its readers to
archaeological thought, history and practice.
Lively and engaging, Archaeology: The Basics fires the archaeological
imagination whilst tackling such questions as:
What are the basic concepts of archaeology?
How and what do we know about people and objects from the past?
What makes a good explanation in archaeology?
Why dig here?
Archaeology: The Basics provides an invaluable overview of a fascinating
Clive Gamble is a Professor of Archaeology at the University of Southampton
and Director of the Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins (CAHO).
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The Basics
Clive Gamble
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First published 2001 by Routledge
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Gamble, Clive.
Archaeology, the basics / by Clive Gamble.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
1. Archaeology. 2. ArchaeologyPhilosophy.
3. ArchaeologyHistory. I. Title
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