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Save 20% On Con vekta’s
Best Tr aining Progr ams
We have chosen the most useful programs
for chess players at any level and have
priced them at the special price of $24.95
instead of $31.95!
Elementary Chess Combinations
The program includes more than 5000 exer-
cises. Never miss an elementary combination
in a practical game of your own again.
C T-ART. Mating Combinations
Over 700 exercises and 120 0 instructive
examples, each of them illustrates the
peculiarities of using certain pieces for
mating combinations.
Chess Combinations for Club Players
This course includes more than 2000
exercises. It is an indispensable training tool
for club players.
Opening Lab
A theoretical review of all the chess openings,
which are illustrated by instructive games of
the greatest chess players.
Attack on the King II
You will have to use your fantasy and precise
calculation in order to nd a correct way of
attacking the king.
Simple Defense
The program develops the basic defensive
skills such as withdrawing or protecting a
piece, interception or attacking an oppo-
nent’s piece.
Dinosaur Chess
Dinosaur Chess is an entertaining chess pro-
gram that will keep the attention of children
while teaching them the basics of chess.
Easy Ways of Taking Pawns and Pieces
A great number of exercises makes this
course an excellent tool for quick training of
chess beginners.
Complete Chess Course
This program includes 55 lessons that cover
a wide range of basic knowledge of open-
ing, middlegame and endgame.
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Chess Life
Editorial Staff
Chess Life Editor &
Director of Publications
Daniel Lucas
Chess Life Online Editor
Jennifer Shahade
Chess Life for Kids Editor
Glenn Petersen
Senior Art Director
Frankie Butler
Editorial Assistant/Copy Editor
Alan Kantor
Editorial Assistant
Jo Anne Fatherly
Editorial Assistant
Jennifer Pearson
Technical Editor
Ron Burnett
Joan DuBois
USCF Staff
Executive Director
Bill Hall
ext. 189
Assistant Executive Director
& Director of National Events
Patricia Knight Smith 931-200-3411
National Events Assistant
Cody Stewart
Chief Accountant
Peggy Eberhart
ext. 131
Chief Financial Officer
Joe Nanna
ext. 150
Accounting Associate
Susan Houston
ext. 136
Director of Business Operations
Judy Misner
ext. 126
Tournament Director Certification
Judy Misner
ext. 126
Membership Services Supervisor
Cheryle Bruce
ext. 147
Mailing Lists/Membership Assoc.
Traci Lee
ext. 143
Membership Associate
Joe Wright
ext. 125
Membership Associate
Joshua Van Winkle
ext. 146
Director of Communications
& Affiliate Relations
Joan DuBois
ext. 123
Correspondence Chess
Alex Dunne
Joan DuBois
ext. 123
National Education Consultant
Jerry Nash
&%$$%#! $%$
)'&%$#"! %&%$%&&%
FIDE & Scholastic Associate
Chuck Lovingood
ext. 148
OTB Ratings/FIDE
Walter Brown
ext. 142
Computer Consultant
Mike Nolan
ext. 188
In future support of the work of the U.S. Chess Trust, I want to provide for future
generations and to ensure the continuity of services by the U.S. Chess Trust.
I have made provision I will make provision
to support the U.S. Chess Trust by:
making a bequest or endowment provision in my Will
creating a charitable remainder or lead trust naming
the U.S. Chess Trust as a beneficiary.
establishing an endowment or special fund at the
U.S. Chess Trust.
directing the trustees or directors of my foundation
to continue beyond my lifetime making an annual
gift to the U.S. Chess Trust.
Making an outright gift to the U.S. Chess Trust during
my lifetime in the sum of $_____________.
IT Director & Webmaster
Phillip R. Smith
USCF Executive Board
President, Jim Berry
PO Box 351, Stillwater, OK 74076
Vice President, Ruth Haring
PO Box 1993, Chico, CA 95927
VP Finance, Randy Bauer
3923 - 153rd Street, Urbandale, IA 50323
Secretary, Mike Nietman
2 Boca Grande Way, Madison, WI 53719
Member at Large, Michael Atkins
PO Box 6138, Alexandria, VA 22306
Member at Large, Bill Goichberg
PO Box 249, Salisbury Mills, NY 12577
Member at Large, Gary Walters
Thompson Hine LLP,
3900 Key Center, 127 Public Square,
Cleveland, OH 44114
This Letter of Intent represents my commitment to the work of the U.S. Chess Trust.
It does not represent a legal obligation and may be changed by me at any time.
Whatever the amount of your gift, when you leave a legacy for the future of the
U.S. Chess Trust, you are an important part of the Promise for Tomorrow.
Please send with your name, address, phone, and email contact information
and email Barbara DeMaro at (845-527-1167)
Main office: Crossville, TN (931) 787-1234 Advertising inquiries: (931) 787-1234, ext. 123. TLAs:
All TLAs should be e-mailed to or sent to P.O Box 3967, Crossville,
TN 38557-3967. Letters to the editor: Please submit to Subscriptions:
To subscribe to Chess Life , join the USCF or enter a USCF tournament, go to or call
1-800-903-USCF (8723). Change of address: Please send to Other
inquiries:, (931) 787-1234, fax (931) 787-1200.
*Please note that there is a required amount in order to be listed as a Future Legacy Donor.
Write or send an email to Barbara DeMaro, for this amount. Donations
to the U.S. Chess Trust are tax-deductible. A 501(c)(3) organization. BD:08/03
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(“First Moves,” p. 8) founded EG
in 1965, the first long-running
journal exclusively for endgame
studies. He also served as
endgame study editor from 1931-
1974 for British Chess Magazine .
(“Looks at Books,” p. 11) is
a three-time U.S. women’s
champion and a regular
contributor to Chess Life .
Chess Festival Begins in Orlando
The last days of July marks the beginning of the U.S. Open (July 30-August 7),
U.S. Girls Junior Open, Denker Tournament of High School Champions and a
new event, the Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions. Check for
standings and pairings and CLO for updates.
(“Cover Story,” p. 16) is, to his
students, a chess teacher; to
top professionals, he is a chess
journalist; and to old friends,
he is a semi-retired chess player.
He likes the international appeal
of the game and appreciates all
the chess players that have
shunned the money, fame and
free drinks of the poker table.
World Open
Break out the fireworks and
popcorn. The biggest open
tournament of the year hits
Philadelphia on Independence
Day weekend. Keep bookmarked
for U.S. Chess Scoop video
coverage and reportage by
Jamaal Abdul-Alim.
(“Chess Business,” p. 36) aka
“Bird,” is a writer, math teacher,
graduate from Emory, and
probably the guy you tripped
over as he slept under a table
at the orld Open.
(“Remembrance,” p. 42) is a
former executive director of
both USCF and the orld
Chess Hall of Fame. His latest
book, with GM Lev Alburt, is
Chess Training Pocket Book II .
Cadets Return to USCF Base
For the third year in a row, the U.S.
Cadet (Under 16) Championship will take
place in Crossville, Tennessee, the home
of the USCF. Favorites include Aleksandr
Ostrovskiy and Michael Bodek from New
ork and Atulya Shetty from Michigan.
Follow the tournament, an eight-player
round robin from July 11-15 and look for
updates by Alan Kantor on CLO .
(“Chess Art,” p. 48) facilitates
exhibitions, lectures, and
writes about the life of her
father David Friedmann.
She continues to search for
his portraits of chess masters,
among other lost artwork.
Greg on Chess
IM Greg Shahade’s 2007
editorial on flaws in the
Swiss pairing system was
one of the most
commented CLO articles
in history. Greg is back
with controversial monthly
pieces on various topics
from round-robins to
promoting chess.
Follow Chess Life and Chess Life Online on Facebook ® ! Get regular
updates as part of your newsfeed, post comments, and easily
communicate directly with the editorial staff.
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