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Chess Life — August 2009
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August on
Chess Festival in Indiana
Look for dispatches and
blogs from the 110th U.S.
Open in Indianapolis,
Indiana from August 1-9.
CLO coverage will include
thoughts from Abby
Marshall on the Denker
and highlights from simuls
by U.S. Champion Hikaru
Nakamura and World
Women’s Champion
Alexandra Kosteniuk. Also
follow the fight for the five
spots into the 2010 U.S.
Championship, preliminar-
ily scheduled for St. Louis
in spring, 2009.
U.S. Chess School in
St. Louis
The tenth edition of the
U.S. Chess School will
feature the first only all-
girls session, and
participants range from
18-year-old Amanda
Mateer from Arizona to
14-year-old Rochelle
Ballantyne (in the above
photo) of Brooklyn.
Check CLO for reports
and photos.
The Scoop continues
The U.S. Chess Scoop started in June with coverage of major
summer internationals where so many of our young talents
earned norms, including Samuel Shankland, Alex Lenderman
and Lev Milman. Go to Jennifer’s blog to see all the videos and
look for August Scoops on the U.S. Open and more.
Josh Friedel blogs on
the Continental
GM Josh Friedel's Samford may be over
but his exotic travel dispatches continue.
Keep your eyes open for his report on the
ContinentalChampionships in Sao
Paulo, Brazil (July 25-August 2), where
he and friends will fight it out for six cov-
eted spots into the World Cup (Khanty-
Mansiysk, Russia Nov. 20-Dec. 15).
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Chess Life — August 2009
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