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BMW ActiveE
Driving Pleasure
BMW EfficientDynamics
Less emissions. More driving pleasure.
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The BMW ActiveE ushers in a new age of mobility. Not only does its
innovative drive concept bring a new form of dynamics to our streets,
it also paves the way for a future of emission-free driving. And today,
we are closer than ever to making this future a reality.
Read how % electric power is transformed into pure driving pleasure.
Find out how the vehicle interacts with the outside world thanks to
intelligent networking. And take a look at the fascinating details that move
the BMW ActiveE in silence. Also, along with insight into the history
of BMW electric drive systems, you’ll nd an exclusive preview of the
forthcoming innovations and the visions of BMW engineers. As for the
mobility issues that lie ahead, a hand-picked group of global thought-
leaders on sustainability, economics and design answer the questions.
Travel with us through exciting times – in the BMW ActiveE.
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Equipment of model shown: BMW ActiveE
Motor: BMW electric synchronous motor
Peak output: kW ( hp)
Exterior colour: Alpine White
" light alloy wheels Streamline
with mixed tyres
Dakota leather Pearl Grey
Interior trim:
Alpine White
1 Average power consumption, 0.12 kWh per km.
2 Available from Original BMW Accessories on
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With the BMW ActiveE, we are making a new promise:
% emissions and % driving pleasure . Its newly developed
BMW eDrive technology, which ensures impressive acceleration
from a standstill, combines the joy of driving with the future –
without relinquishing classic BMW features such as rear-wheel
while the car is braking. Furthermore, optimised lithium-ion
battery cells and motor management increase power and
range by up to %. So, depending on your driving style
and use of air-conditioning or heating, you can cover up to
kilometres in everyday use free of local emissions.
A simple touch of a button makes the BMW ActiveE
even more ef cient. ECO PRO mode, using the on-board
computer, helps the driver adopt the most economical style.
Charging the high-voltage batteries is simple and easy, either
from any -volt power point or a public charging station.
Additionally, a convenient wall box charging system can be
installed in your garage on request. And, if you charge the
car with electricity created from % renewable sources,
driving will be completely emissions-free. After only four to
ve hours of charging time at the wall box, the BMW ActiveE
is once again ready for another exciting day. Jump in and
enjoy electrifying, sustainable and pure driving pleasure.
Consisting of three modules – an electric motor, a high-voltage
lithium-ion battery and an intelligent motor control unit –
eDrive delivers maximum ef ciency and outstanding dynamics
like never before in a BMW. With peak output of kW ( hp)
and Nm of torque, a compact electric synchronous motor
on the rear axle delivers instantly available forward thrust.
The BMW ActiveE, in fact, can accelerate from zero to
km/h in just . seconds almost silently. The energy for
this performance is provided by lithium-ion high-voltage
batteries cleverly positioned to ensure perfect weight
distribution and neutral handling. In addition, an intelligent
engine control system enables the batteries to be charged
ECO PRO mode: all you need
to do is press a button and the energy
reserves of the BMW ActiveE are used
in the most intelligent way. The on-board
computer, for instance, modulates the
comfort functions to optimise power
use. Also, tips on energy-ef cient driving,
such as maintaining an optimum speed,
are shown on a display.
CO emissions generated through the production and delivery of the fuel or other energy sources were not accounted for in determining CO emissions gures.
Average power consumption, . kWh per km.
Mr Wrage, what role will alternative power mechanisms play in the future?
I have been greatly impressed and inspired by the books “The Limits to Growth” by Dennis Meadows
and “Factor ” by Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker. They illustrate how important sustainability and resource
ef ciency are these days. Alternative vehicle power mechanisms naturally have a central role to play
here. Should there one day be no more oil, then alternative methods would be indispensable. Cars,
buses and lorries will become electric, powered by hydrogen or bio-diesel, and ships would again
rely on wind power. And crucially, the energy must come % from regenerative sources to achieve
maximum ef ciency.
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Anyone who claims that environmental awareness is purely a rational matter
is mistaken. The BMW ActiveE, with dynamic lines that will excite you at
the very first glance, is proof to the contrary. The distinctive shoulderline
emphasises the long wheelbase and the perfect proportions, from the
muscular front through to the powerful rear. Similarities with the BMW
Series Coupé, which the BMW ActiveE is based on, are clear to see.
As are the differences: the silver-blue shimmering lines on the gleaming
white bodywork stand out as a particularly distinctive feature. While
emphasising the car’s dynamic image, they also hint at the electrifying
power of its drive system. Last but not least, the optional " light alloy
wheels with their Aero design further enhance the sporty looks of this
thoroughbred coupé, making the BMW ActiveE a real eye-catcher in town.
Mr Alt, do we have to sacri ce good
design for the sake of sustainability?
Sustainability is in the nature of good design.
And good design is becoming more and
more in uenced by our understanding of the
environment. For four billion years, nature
has shown us how perfectly formed design
looks and functions, we just have to follow
its example. We are at the beginning of a
new era of uncompromising development,
in which sustainable design will become a
functional and aesthetic pleasure.
Exterior design: based on the electrical circuits at the
heart of the BMW ActiveE, the streamlined exterior graphics ow with
the aerodynamically optimised bodywork. As you glide through town, the
silver-blue lines glint with a metallic shimmer, underlining the innovative and
sporty character of the car.
Mr Van der Ryn, to what extent is sustainable thinking in uencing
the functionality and ergonomics of products?
Sustainability means that we are directing our thoughts and actions to the
long-term interests of our health and that of our habitat. Accordingly, functionality
and ergonomics must be approached practically, they need to be solutions-
orientated. A sustainable product can be designed to be thoroughly comfortable
and user-friendly – regardless of whether it’s a car, a piece of furniture or a
modern building.
It’s clear from the moment you get inside: this is a BMW through and through. The door sill nishers with ActiveE
lettering offer a very personal reception and the leather seats in Pearl Grey with blue ornamental seams invite you
to make yourself at home.
You can’t help but be captivated by the well-de ned, sporty character of the interior with its Alpine White trims.
It’s practical, too. As a fully- edged coupé, the BMW ActiveE has four seats and provides suf cient space for
day-tripping with friends or extended shopping trips in town. The luggage compartment volume of litres adds
to the great sense of versatility. What’s more, the BMW ActiveE provides a truly unique form of comfort because
the eDrive system makes very little noise. And that means there are practically no distractions when you drive.
Just close the door and leave your everyday cares behind.
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