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preMiUM AppeAL iN NeW, ViSiONArY
BMW i.
BOrN eLeCTriC.
Cities are growing, as are the challenges to provide individual mobility in keeping
with the times. BMW i offers an all-round solution with its zero-emission electric drive,
unique energy eficiency and innovative mobility services.
preMiere FOr THe FirST CONCepT
BMW i8 Concept:
the sports car of the future
Dynamic, progressive, innovative – the BMW i8 Concept is a symbol of progress,
combining the performance of a sports car with outstanding efficiency.
T h e B M W i 8 C o n c e p t combines the performance of a sports car with exceptional fuel economy. Its innovative
eDrive technology sees the front axle powered by a highly dynamic electric motor, while the rear axle is driven by a 220hp
(164kW) three-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine with 300Nm of torque. The 0-62mph time is achieved in less than ive
seconds with a restricted top speed of 155mph, while fuel consumption is under three litres per 100 kilometers (approx.
94mpg). Thanks to a large lithium-ion battery that can be charged from a domestic power supply, the BMW i8 Concept
covers a range of approximately 20 miles on electric power alone. That means the majority of short, day-to-day journeys
can be completed with zero emissions, given that the average distance driven by UK cars is less than 25 miles a day.
A s w e l l a s v i s i o n a r y v e h i c l e s , BMW i also offers innovative mobility
services that make life on the road that much easier. Take the MyCityWay service,
which provides comprehensive practical information on numerous cities (see page
64) and the parkatmyHouse service, available throughout the UK, through which
private parking spaces in cities can be rented out and booked.
For further information please visit
T h e B M W i 3 will be the i rst all-electric production car to come
from the BMW Group. The BMW i3 Concept features the eDrive
technology package which comprises a 170hp (125kW) electric
motor developed by BMW, pioneering lithium-ion batteries and intel-
ligent motor management, all of which makes for an extremely agile
driving experience with 250Nm of torque on tap and an everyday
range of 80-100 miles. There is also the option of using a small, smooth-
running, quiet petrol engine to charge the batteries during a journey.
This range extender acts as a kind of “spare can” that allows the car
to exceed the standard range. An extremely rigid carbon passenger
cell guarantees high crash safety levels and, in conjunction with a
light, spacious, lounge-like interior, makes the BMW i3 Concept the
perfect car for driving in big cities. A Parking Assistant and Trafi c
Jam Assistant make for even more relaxed driving in urban trafi c. The
car is capable of automatic parallel parking, while in stop-go trafi c it
benei ts from active steering input that allows it to “go with the fl ow”.
The BMW i3 Concept further features a new intelligent safety system
that warns the driver if there is a risk of colliding with a pedestrian or
another vehicle. With its electric drive and sustainable production
methods – drawing on recycled materials and renewable resources
– the BMW i3 Concept has a life cycle global warming potential at least
a third lower than that of a comparable combustion-engined vehicle.
BMW i3 Concept:
the Megacity Vehicle
Contemporary, compact, clean – this agile electric car
epitomises intelligent progress in an urban environment.
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