The Story of Qiu Ju (1992) Cd2.txt

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{26}{134}Meizi, it's not enough
{160}{224}What, then?|Something else, some snacks
{242}{299}Snacks, snacks
{316}{387}Fruit's not good enough
{395}{454}People eat it and it's gone
{475}{552}Let's get the director
{561}{607}Something special for his house
{614}{719}He'll see it everyday and|remember our case
{1406}{1554}Meizi, waiting. I'm going to the toilet
{5571}{5621}Where have you been?
{5633}{5711}I couldn't find you anywhere
{5720}{5741}Where have you been?
{5751}{5834}It's so crowded|what if some crook dragged you off
{5901}{5949}I saw the taxi bike man and|ran after him
{5952}{6025}Wanted our money back
{6043}{6076}Don't be running around
{6086}{6117}It's a big city
{6135}{6218}What do I do if you're lost?
{6283}{6325}What happened to the painting?
{6380}{6454}I didn't catch him|Bumped my head on a telegraph pole
{6467}{6515}A telegraph pole
{6536}{6621}See! You could've been hurt
{6650}{6679}Are you all right
{6690}{6715}Y es
{6798}{6904}The painting's broken|Let's get another one
{6940}{7009}Don't run off, did you hear?
{7012}{7047}Let's go
{8953}{8996}Be careful
{9112}{9183}T ake care. I'll get back to work
{9512}{9590}The director brought you back|in his car
{9598}{9636}A lot of my guests
{9645}{9687}take their cases to the PSB
{9700}{9803}But no one's been escorted home before
{9837}{9883}The director is such a nice man
{9894}{9973}I gave him some fruit and a painting
{9984}{10034}But he wouldn't take them
{10044}{10112}You keep them, please
{10122}{10143}You keep them, please
{10156}{10191}I have no use for them
{10239}{10281}You eat the fruit
{10290}{10322}I'll keep the painting
{10331}{10416}Your case is in good hands
{10424}{10483}No need to ask others for help
{10489}{10579}Relax and enjoy yourself here
{12203}{12246}It fits
{12259}{12373}Looks nice! It fits
{12449}{12534}You bought one for Qinglai too
{12556}{12658}Qinglai, for your. Try it on
{12992}{13055}They said you even rode|in the PSB director's car
{13073}{13135}Is that true? That's really something
{13152}{13220}A first for sure
{13232}{13282}He gave me a lift. That's all
{13516}{13553}Are you better?
{13730}{13794}What's the matter? Still angry
{13888}{13921}They call this Man's Treasure
{13929}{14003}Everyone there said|it's good medicine. Look
{14070}{14121}Win or lose this time
{14139}{14177}That'll be it, all right
{14373}{14427}What did you hear while I was away
{14462}{14497}He's the Chief
{14522}{14577}The higher-ups forced him to back down
{14583}{14661}Who knows what he'd have done|other wise?
{14694}{14746}We haven't suffered for money
{14761}{14830}No point in going on with this
{14891}{14949}Pain's not so bad now, right
{15012}{15055}He's the Chief, so what
{15068}{15130}Can he kick a man in his privates
{15227}{15256}take this for me
{15451}{15508}Here you are
{15516}{15546}If we go on like this
{15555}{15619}People will think we're difficult
{15659}{15725}They can say what they like
{15737}{15791}But I want an explanation
{16194}{16267}Qinglai, where are you going
{16299}{16340}The Chief wants to see me
{16348}{16381}Be sure you keep your legs locked
{16403}{16483}If the family jewels get kicked again
{16494}{16568}Qiu Ju shall head straight|for the PSB in Beijing
{16584}{16612}Shut up
{16637}{16681}Qinglai, have some water
{16690}{16726}Have some water
{16802}{16817}You won't have some
{16826}{16896}Drink it. Make you warmer
{17037}{17117}You're back. Qinglai's been waiting
{17219}{17254}Sit down. I asked you to come because
{17289}{17350}the city PSB reviewed the decision
{17380}{17453}and here's the reply
{17464}{17529}T ake it home and show it to Qiu Ju
{17558}{17693}What it says is: The first settlement
{17731}{17821}and the decision of the county town|are basically correct
{17879}{17967}But I'm to give you another $50
{17979}{18053}They agreed on this sum|after careful thought
{18081}{18215}I'll do as I'm told. I've got $250
{18227}{18257}You can take it
{18425}{18510}Make my words, Qinglai
{18524}{18666}Qiu Ju rode in the PSB director's car|right
{18748}{18915}For all that fuss, you only get $50 more
{19104}{19189}Sue me if you want.
{19218}{19351}I don't care, I work for the government|Sweat and toil the year round
{19361}{19397}Th higher-ups know all about that
{19408}{19471}You think they won't back me up
{19553}{19616}I'll go home and see what Qiu Ju thinks
{19626}{19708}You take orders from your wife
{19759}{19858}If you don't want to take it|tell Qiu Ju to come
{20073}{20105}T ake it
{20120}{20212}No, You keep it
{20347}{20406}Good, let's put this behind us
{20421}{20442}Go make something to eat
{20450}{20491}I'll have a drink with Qinglai
{20499}{20520}No, I'd better be off
{20530}{20583}Let's have a drink first
{20592}{20646}I'll go and talk to Qiu Ju
{20654}{20674}It'll be all right, Chief
{20683}{20723}It'll be all right
{20766}{20792}See you
{20800}{20894}Don't go so soon. Well then, goodbye
{21079}{21114}Chief, you're busy
{21125}{21181}Who's there? It's you
{21189}{21240}Auntie Qiu Ju, come in
{21248}{21331}No, thank you|I want to talk to the Chief
{21354}{21390}Want to talk to me
{21419}{21528}Come in and warm yourself later then
{21824}{21955}Chief, the decision of the city PSB
{21966}{22014}How come it was sent to you
{22059}{22092}How come
{22109}{22148}It's just a reply
{22174}{22216}sent you or me, it's all the same
{22345}{22422}Qinglai wasn't clear just now
{22513}{22646}The money he got from you|what's it for
{22661}{22711}It's what I should give you
{22726}{22776}It's in the decision
{22811}{22932}Look, Qiu Ju|let's put this behind us
{22976}{23052}The money, I can't take it
{23098}{23145}Money spent is money spent|I won't take it back
{23371}{23420}Won't you call it quits?
{23454}{23511}I tell you, Qiu Ju
{23525}{23613}T ake your case to the gods in heaven|The result will still be the same
{23827}{23892}Damn! She bites and won't fucking let to
{24562}{24615}Come on. Don't cry.
{24632}{24745}It's not good for you or the baby
{25169}{25271}Let's be done with this|Don't be upset
{26444}{26480}Load the chilly into the cart
{26577}{26668}What? You're not finished yet
{26716}{26766}You've gone all the way to the city
{26776}{26823}What good did it do to us
{26890}{26939}Are you going to raise a stink in Beijing?
{27057}{27147}The new year's not here yet, and|the chilly are almost all sold off
{27168}{27210}All for nothing
{27280}{27328}What will people say
{27382}{27484}They're already talking
{28021}{28095}Go and don't come back
{29724}{29787}Comrade, I want to speak to|Director Y an
{29794}{29854}He's not in. Went to a meeting
{29872}{29948}When will he be back
{29957}{29990}No idea
{30116}{30179}Meizi, let's wait outside
{31984}{32021}Director Y an
{32036}{32055}Is that you, Qiu Ju
{32063}{32086}Director Y an
{32095}{32121}What're you doing here?
{32131}{32205}I've been waiting all day
{32214}{32245}It's still that case
{32277}{32311}Have you eaten?
{32355}{32418}Come and join me, we'll talk as we eat
{32425}{32444}No, I'll wait
{32451}{32483}Let's go
{32507}{32553}T ake the car back
{32564}{32604}Pick me up at the usual place later on
{32627}{32656}Let's go
{32750}{32813}Is that so
{32823}{32892}The decision should have been|delivered to you
{32898}{32942}No through the Chief
{32950}{33004}I'll look into the matter
{33022}{33206}Let's eating here, sit down
{33244}{33279}The benches are too low
{33288}{33329}I'm too big. Can't squat that low
{33346}{33390}It's all right. We can stand
{33655}{33698}I didn't ask you
{33740}{33817}a you happy with our decision
{33867}{33991}No. You see, I've taken my case
{34020}{34091}to the village, then to the county town
{34117}{34216}and finally to you|But the results are the same
{34260}{34335}No one asks the Chief|to admit he was wrong
{34349}{34455}I don't care for that extra $50.00
{34464}{34500}I just can't see
{34521}{34595}why you couldn't make him admit|that he was wrong
{34697}{34801}I'm just an ordinary citizen, and|you're all government officials
{34825}{34959}How do I know you're not banding|together on this?
{34999}{35089}Your suspicion is not unreasonable
{35117}{35182}And we do make mistakes
{35276}{35339}If you're really unhappy|there's another option
{35350}{35423}T ake your case to court
{35556}{35585}Let me see
{35667}{35766}I can recommend a lawyer to you
{35799}{35858}He's Wu from the district lawyer's firm
{35865}{35896}He's a nice man
{35908}{35965}He can help you
{36241}{36272}That's it then
{36281}{36335}I'll be your attorney
{36342}{36368}Go home now and I'll let you know
{36375}{36404}I'll handle your case for you
{36410}{36446}I'm busy, I won't see you off. Goodbye
{36490}{36529}I'll go then.
{37034}{37066}Lawyer Wu
{37188}{37225}Lawyer Wu
{37235}{37297}Are you sure about this?
{37309}{37368}Y es, yes. Leave everything to me
{37396}{37494}You're sure the right thing|will be done this time
{37518}{37560}Of course, the fight thing will be done
{37593}{37758}You see, this winter I've been|everywhere
{37767}{37825}the village, the county town, the city
{37831}{37879}But I couldn't get an explanation|anywhere
{37887}{37916}I've only talked to you once
{37925}{37983}And you can make it right
{37994}{38039}Before, the PSB only mediated
{38047}{38100}But now it's a lawsuit|It's different
{38162}{38236}I don't care, as long as you can do it
{38302}{38362}Haven't you appointed me|as your attorney?
{38385}{38441}I've agreed, and...
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