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Wordpress Website Secrets
Wordpress Website
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Wordpress Website Secrets
WordPress’ Secret Weapon
You’ve decided you need a static website – not a blog. So why should you
use WordPress to create one? There are two excellent, time-saving, traffic
boosting reasons to build your static website with WordPress:
WordPress provides the user with a full Content Management
System (plus many other features)
WordPress blogs traditionally fare better with Google rankings and
Search Engines, since they are so highly optimized
One other huge WordPress advantage that you can keep and install when
you convert your WordPress blog to a static website:
Widgets to instantly allow you to perform complex functions, such as
search your site, log in with passwords, display an active calendar – to
name only a few
But today, we are going to start creating your static website by first setting
up a blog in WordPress on your own domain , using your control panel
( cPanel ) and Fantastico DeLuxe , a script that makes it happen.
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Wordpress Website Secrets
Setting Up Your New Blog/Website
You will need to know how to log in to your control panel (cPanel). If you
haven’t done it before, your web host’s original “Welcome” letter contains all
the details you need to know:
cPanel address (the syntax will be like this:
Your cPanel username
Your cPanel password
HINT: If you’ve totally lost your welcome letter, just contact your web host
and tell them you need the above 3 pieces of information.
Getting Started
Fire up your computer and internet connection, and in the URL bar of your
browser, type your cPanel address , and hit “Enter .” A popup will
prompt you for your username and password .
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Wordpress Website Secrets
And you’re in!
You should see a page full of graphic icons… slide your eyes down to the
lower right-hand quarter of the icons, and you’ll find a little happy face with
the words “ Fantastico De Luxe ”.
Click on the
happy face…
Click on the title
near the top of
the left-hand
column on the
page that opens
up next…
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Wordpress Website Secrets
Slide on over to the
right and click on
New Installation
This next section controls where (on your domain site) your new
blog/website will go. If you want your new blog/website in the root
domain, leave the “Install in directory” text area box blank.
TIP: If you want to install it as a subdomain , type the name you want in
the blank text area box with the green arrow pointing to it.
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