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NO 08  August 2012
2012 EPN 40th anniversary
44 Ian Mason, Electrocomponents
and TJ Rodgers, Cypress recall 1972
Special reports
20 Test & Measurement
28 Consumer Electronics
Design Application
36 Kiosk chaos unravels with
iterative approach
The great
escape P a g e 28
Isolated SiC gate drivers from
Rohm Semiconductor can produce
low-power, small format designs
to control inverters and DC/DC
converters in solar and automotive
Page 08
SoCs allow consumer electronics
to break free
This Acoustic co-processor is the
industry’s irst HMI co-processor
that enables voice-controlled system
interfaces, with voice recognition
claims Spansion.
Page 14
These MEMS microphones are
the irst to use plastic packages
instead of a metallic lid to create
microphones in phones, tablets and
noise cancelling headphones claims
Page 29
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Module with Embedding
Metal Power Inductor
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
Achieves Industry’s Best-in-Class DC Bias
Characteristics with Superior Materials and
Process Technology
TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. has succeeded in developing
the metal power inductor “MCOIL TM ”, the irst of a
series of coil components that use metallic magnetic
materials optimal for use in choke ...
Achieves More Than Double Capacitance
with 600 Multilayers
TAIYO YUDEN released the world’s irst EIA 0603
size 47μF large capacitance multilayer ceramic
capacitor, which has been realized with a length
tolerance of 1.6+0.2/-0mm, and a width and
thickness tolerance of 0.8+0.2/-0mm, as a super
high-end product for devices that are witnessing
rapid growth such as smartphones and tablet PCs.
TAIYO YUDEN announced the commercialization
of its embedded-parts multilayer wiring substrate
“EOMIN ® (Embedded Organic Module Involved
Nanotechnology)” that incorporates a copper
core, technology developed to accommodate
multiple built-in ICs.
This product is an embedded-parts multilayer ...
Drawing on the state-of-the-art technology of
TAIYO YUDEN, such as laminating and thin-layer
technology, multilayering of 600 layers has been
achieved at an EIA 0603 size, which represents an
improvement of more than double on our previous
maximum capacitance of 22μF for an EIA 0603
size multilayer ceramic capacitor. It is ideal for
decoupling applications for the IC power-supply
lines of small mobile devices which are becoming
increasingly compact and low-proile with high
functionality ...
RTC Capacitor
Power Inductor NR8040
PAS can store a large number of ions into its
amorphous structure (doping), therefore PAS capacitor
has much larger capacity than conventional electric
double layer capacitor. In addition, PAS is extremely
stable material and PAS capacitor shows excellent
performance of cycle life and durability ...
Taiyo Yuden has announced the launch of the
NR8040 series (8.0 x 8.0 x 4.0mm), an 64mm 2
square wire wound power inductor with a high-
current capability of 3.4A (at the inductance of
10μH). The new product achieves the highest rated
current for its size in the industry.The ...
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[37] This month Atmel offers three QTouch
development suites for capacitive touch buttons,
sliders and wheels.
[20] Special report: Test & Measurement
Antoine Duarte
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Sylvie Jalin
[28] Special report: Consumer Electronics
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[36] The Wipro Technologies team adopted an
iterative approach when developing an embedded
kiosk which included card readers, biometrics,
audio, video and a touchscreen.
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EPN 40th anniversary
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Ian Mason, Electrocomponents and TJ Rodgers,
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EPN ISSUE N° 08 – August 2012 3
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Desperate for power
Everyone has experienced the panic of a ‘battery low’ signal on a handheld device. The fear of losing
data or being out of contact has gripped everyone’s heart at some point. Playing on our quest for
interminable battery power, those minxes at Digital Core Design announced they had developed a
graphene processor which could work for three months on a single battery charge. It fooled many (some
publications ran the story - on April Fools’ Day). The prank proved two things – everyone wants longer
battery life and the accuracy of the saying “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.
By Caroline
Other, more realistic, propositions have been put forward recently which have also grabbed headlines
but there are drawbacks to them too. Infinite Power Solutions has demonstrated a paper-thin battery
to replace conventional lithium-ion batteries manufactured using double-sided deposition and with a
capacity density of 1.25mAh/cm 2 . This is equivalent to prismatic lithium-ion cells but without the risk of
thermal drain. The production costs are comparable to prismatic lithium-ion cells, says the company, and
the batteries provide 700Wh/litre which is a 25% increase in energy density over today’s lithium-ion cells.
The fact that the battery is paper thin means it can be shaped promising more energy density as well as
end-product design creativity.
High-capacity cells can be stacked to form a 3.95V all-solid-state, thin-film battery pack about the size
and thinness of five standard playing cards. Such a battery would have a capacity of approximately
1.4Ah with a maximum current of 7A. There is no organic liquid or gel electrolyte to be contained, so the
battery can be encapsulated in a thin, flexible circuit.
Jim Norrod, president and CEO, explains the challenges of battery design: “It is extremely difficult to
maintain high energy density, regardless of the battery chemistry, as the cell thickness is reduced. This
is especially true when going below 2mm thickness for a fully packaged battery. The drawback? The
company cannot give a date for availability. Tim Bradow, the company’s VP marketing said that the
announcement was a ‘call to action’ for the industry (and potential partners) to scale up manufacturing
to bring these batteries to market for consumer products.
Another company, Envia Systems, has also been concentrating on lithium-ion battery technology but this
time for electric vehicles. It claims to have developed a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a density
of 400Wh/kg and a range of 300miles. The stinger in this tale is the price: $25,000 for a battery, inflating
the cost of the car considerably.
As with all sagas, the search for longer battery power, will run and run!
August 2012 – EPN ISSUE N° 08
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