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NO 12  December 2012
2012 EPN 40th anniversary
44 Intel’s Gilles Pellet and Kontron’s
Ulrich Gehrmann recall 1972
Special reports
19 EPN Forum at electronica
26 Passives
TLD73xxEK SoCs from Inineon create
ambient lighting in vehicles with
a reduced wiring budget.
Page 08
RFID means not having to follow the herd
P age 20
Linear Technology’s Dust Networks
has developed the SmartMesh LTC5800
for reliable low power in industrial
environments. It enables tiny sensor
motes with a battery life of over 10 years.
Page 31
Nine devices have been added to the
NGBTxx 1200V trench ield stop IGBTs
for power conversion in solar power
and UPS by ON Semiconductor.
Page 35
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[41] silego offers three development kits for the
company’s GreenPaK2 second generation, mixed-
signal, programmable FPGa IC.
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ePN Forum at electronica 2012
[19] to celebrate 40 years of publishing, ePN
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ePN 40th anniversary
[44] executive Interviews:
Where were you in ’72: Ulrich Gehrmann,
Kontron and Gilles Pellet, Intel
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4mm Square Metal Power
Inductor “MCOIL TM
RF Multilayer Inductor
in 01005
MLCC in 0603 - 47μF
Achieves More Than Double Capacitance with
600 Multilayers
TAIYO YUDEN released the world’s irst EIA 0603 size
47μF large capacitance multilayer ceramic capacitor,
which has been realized with a length tolerance of
1.6+0.2/-0mm, and a width and thickness tolerance
of 0.8+0.2/-0mm, as a super high-end product ...
1.2mm Thickness Ideally Suited to Tablet
PCs and Ultrabook TM Devices
TAIYO YUDEN announced the commercial release
of the new “MDMK4040” (4.0 x 4.0 x 1.2mm, the
maximum height value), following the commer-
cialization of a 4mm square metal core SMD power
inductor “MCOIL TM ” series that use metallic
magnetic materials. This product is a power
inductor for choke coil applications aimed at
the power circuits of low proile digital devices,
such as the Note PCs, as typiied by the tablet PC
and UltrabookTM device, with their continuing
trend for small size, low proile and high perfor-
mance. Through the integration of TAIYO YUDEN’s
own metallic magnetic material technology and
advanced process technology, this is a super
high-end product which combines both a industry
leading DC bias characteristic with a smaller,
lower proile size. “MDMK4040T2R2” (with an
inductance value of 2.2μH and a DC bias charac-
teristic of 4500mA), compared to the company’s
conventional product “NRS4012T 2R2” of the
same inductance value (with a DC bias charac-
teristic of 1650mA), represents an improvement
performance of the device ...
An Extensive Product Line-up with the Industry
Leading Q Value and Tight Tolerance
TAIYO YUDEN release the HKQ0402 series of high
frequency multilayer high-Q chip inductors (0.4 x
0.2 x 0.2mm) which achieve the industry leading
Q value for the EIA 01005 size. The new series can
be used in impedance matching applications ...
RTC Back-up Capacitor
up to 70ºC
0201 MLCC with 2.2μF
TAIYO YUDEN Announces the Commercial Pro-
duction of a High Temperature Cylinder Type Poly-
acene Capacitor Guaranteed to Operate up to 70ºC
With an Improved Maximum Operating Voltage,
Ideally Suited to Smart Meters and SSD Storage
Servers ...
Adding to TAIYO YUDEN’s super high-end product
lineup by successfully doubling the capacitance
TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. announced the com-
mercial release of another of its super high-
end products; EIA 0201 size multilayer ceramic
capacitor. This product has an industry ...
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US leads EU in conflict
materials morals
By Caroline
I t slipped by relatively quietly, but this summer, the US Congress amended the SEC (Securities
and Exchange Commission) Act to include the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer
Protection Act. This legislation now requires companies to show due diligence in confirming
that minerals have not been sourced from militia in the Democratic Republic of the Congo,
therefore funding the civil war and humanitarian atrocities there. The source of tin, coltan, tungsten
and gold must be declared on the company’s website and an audit trail must be available to show
that the materials were not imported by third parties from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
This applies to all producers, manufacturers and distributors who trade in the US.
Even though this legislation had been two years in the making (it was first passed by the Senate
in 2010), and the first company reports will not be disclosed until May 2014, (i.e. 12 months after
the end of May 2013, the first calendar year in which companies need to file their declarations),
this is still far further down the road than Europe has managed.
Why is the European Union silent on the funding of militia in the former Belgian Congo?
It could be that the EU is not issuing a directive because European companies will have to comply
with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street requirements to operate in the US. However, there are parallel
US directives for the RoHS directive and the Reach regulation (HR2420 and HR5820, respectively),
so it is not afraid of duplication. Why is it being so shy – or sluggish – on conflict materials?
Apart from a meeting a moral duty, an EU law on the due diligence of the supply chain would
create a level playing field for all European companies. There are reports that EITI (Extractive
Industries Transparency Initiative), is looking at revising the 2004 Transparency Directive but
there has been no announcements, despite the existence of OECD (Organisation for Economic
Co-operative Development) guidelines that could serve as recommendations for checks and
balances. Any EU legislation should be aligned with the US legislation so that companies are
not bogged down in paperwork – or able to use paperwork as a means to slip through the net.
Is this what is holding up any plans to draw up a regulation or directive – the EU does not want
to be seen to be imitating the USA even when it is playing catch-up on moral issues?
December 2012 – EPN ISSUE N° 12
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2012 Design Engineer and Supplier Interface Study,
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