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5,400 RPM
2.5-Inch SATA Hard Disk Drives
Industry leading capacity, small form
factor design, power eiciency techniques,
and Advanced Sector Format technology
Toshiba’s MK7559GSXP Serial ATA hard disk drive targets
today’s massive digital storage needs with a 5,400 RPM spin
speed, 750GB 1 storage capacity point and a standard 2.5-inch
form factor. he compact MK7559GSXP drive is designed
for notebook PCs, all-in-one desktops, slim line workstations,
external add-on storage devices and other capacity-hungry
applications. he power eiciency characteristics of the
MK7559GSXP make the drive well-suited for Energy Star®
and battery-conscious products.
750GB 1 of Storage Capacity
9.5-millimeter High Profile
Serial ATA, Revision 2.6
New design elements of the MK7559GSXP drive include
Advanced Sector Format technology using the industry
standard 4K byte-per-sector coniguration and improved
error-correcting code functionality to enhance data integrity
while making more eicient use of the storage surface area.
Toshiba’s commitment to environmental initiatives is relected
in the low power design and usage of components that reduce
reliance on harmful chemicals, materials and compounds.
8MB Cache Buffer
Hard Drive
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5,400 RPM
2.5-Inch SATA Hard Disk Drives
Series Overview
Drive Capacity
750GB 1
Drive Interface
Serial ATA, Revision 2.6 / ATA-8
Number of Platters (disks)
Number of Data Heads
RoHS Compliant
Transfer Rate to Host
3 Gb/sec
Track-to-track Seek
2 ms
Average Seek Time
12 ms
Rotational Speed
5,400 RPM
Average Latency
5.55 ms
Buffer Size
8 MB
Power Requirements
5V (+/- 5%)
Spin up (start) Power
4.5 watts
Seek Power
1.85 watts
Read/Write Power
1.5 watts
Low Power Idle
0.55 watts
Standby Power
0.18 watts
Sleep Power
0.15 watts
Physical Size
Dimensions (W) x (D) x (H)
69.85 mm (2.75”) x 100.0 mm (3.94”) x 9.5 mm (0.37”)
102 g (3.60 oz)
Temp - Operating
5° to 55°C (41° - 131°F)
Temp - Non-Operating
-40° to 60°C (-40° - 140°F)
Vibration - Operating
9.8 m/s² (1.0G) 5 to 500 Hz
Vibration - Non-Operating
49 m/s² (5.0G) 15 to 500 Hz
Shock - Operating
3,920 m/s² (400G) 2ms
Shock - Non-Operating
8,820 m/s² (900G) 1ms
Acoustics (idle)
25 dB
Acoustics (seek)
25 dB
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One Terabyte (1TB) = 1,000 Gigabytes (GB). One Gigabyte (1GB) means 10 9 = 1,000,000,000
bytes using powers of 10. A computer operating system, however, reports storage capacity
using powers of 2 for the deinition of 1GB = 230 = 1,073,741,824 bytes, and therefore shows
less storage capacity. Available storage capacity will also be less if the computer includes one
or more pre-installed operating systems, pre-installed software applications, or media content.
Actual formatted capacity may vary.
Subject to Change: While Toshiba has made every effort at the time of publication to ensure
the accuracy of the information provided herein, product speciications, conigurations, prices,
system/component/options availability are all subject to change without notice. Product image
may represent design model. Product image may represent design model.
© 2010 Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
MK7559GSXP 03/2010
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