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User Manual
APC Smart-UPS ®
1000/1500 VA
100/120/230 VAC
750/1000XL VA
120/230 VAC
Uninterruptible Power Supply
990-1074B 01/2006
American Power Conversion Corporation (APC) is the leading national and international manufac-
turer of state-of-the-art uninterruptible power supplies, redundant switches, power management soft-
ware, and related equipment. APC products protect hardware, software, and data from power distur-
bances in business and government offices throughout the world.
The APC Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is designed to prevent blackouts, brownouts, sags,
and surges from reaching your computer and other valuable electronic equipment. The UPS filters
small utility line fluctuations and isolates your equipment from large disturbances by internally dis-
connecting from the utility line. The UPS provides continuous power from its internal battery until
the utility line returns to safe levels or the battery is discharged.
Read the Safety Instruction sheet before installing the UPS.
Inspect the UPS upon receipt. APC designed robust packaging for your product. However, accidents
and damage may occur during shipment. Notify the carrier and dealer if there is damage.
The packaging is recyclable; save it for reuse or dispose of it properly.
Check the package contents. The package contains the UPS, a literature kit containing one CD, one
serial cable, one USB cable, product documentation and Safety Information.
230V models: Two IEC jumper cables are included and a utility connector plug is included for use
on servers with permanently attached power cords.
The UPS is shipped with the battery disconnected.
Positioning the UPS
The UPS is heavy. Select a location sturdy enough to handle the weight.
Do not operate the UPS where there is excessive dust or the temperature and humidity are outside the
specified limits.
0 º - 40 º C (32 º -104 º F)
0-95% Relative
2.5cm (1in)
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Connecting Equipment and Power to the UPS
120V/100V M ODELS
1. Plug in the battery connector n .
2. Connect equipment to the UPS. Note: Do not connect a laser printer to the UPS. A laser
printer draws significantly more power than other types of equipment and may overload
the UPS.
3. Add any optional accessories to the Smart-Slot Y .
4. Using the power cord, plug the UPS into a two-pole, three-wire, grounded receptacle only.
Avoid using extension cords.
230V models : A utility connector plug is included for use on servers with permanently at-
tached power cords.
120V/100V models : The power cord is permanently attached to the rear panel of the UPS.
5. Turn on all connected equipment. To use the UPS as a master ON/OFF switch, be sure all con-
nected equipment is switched ON. The equipment will not be powered until the UPS is turned
6. To power up the UPS press the
button on the front panel.
The UPS charges its battery when it is connected to utility power. The battery charges to
90% capacity during the first three hours of normal operation. Do not expect full battery run
capability during this initial charge period.
120V Models: Check the site wiring fault LED located on the rear panel. It lights up if the
UPS is plugged into an improperly wired utility power outlet. Refer to Troubleshooting in
this manual.
7. For additional computer system security, install PowerChutePlus ® UPS Power Management and
Diagnostic Software.
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Serial Port
USB Port
Power management software and interface kits can be used
with the UPS. Use only interface kits supplied or approved
by APC.
Use the APC supplied cable to connect to the Serial Port. DO NOT use a standard
serial interface cable since it is incompatible with the UPS connector.
Both Serial and USB Ports are provided. They cannot be used simultaneously.
External Battery
Pack Connector
XL models: Use the battery pack connector to connect optional external
battery pack(s). These units support up to ten external battery packs.
See the APC web site, www.apc.com/support for the correct external
battery pack model number for your UPS.
TVSS Screw
The UPS features a transient voltage surge-suppression (TVSS) screw for
connecting the ground lead on surge suppression devices such as tele-
phone and network line protectors.
When connecting grounding cable, disconnect the unit from the utility
power outlet.
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