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HPB - Collected Writings Volume VIII (1887)
Collected Writings VOLUME VIII
Chronological Survey
Compiler’s Introductory Note
September, 1887
What’s in a Name
The History of a Planet
The Last of a Good Lama
Literary Jottings
Theosophical and Mystic Publications
From the Note Book of an Unpopular Philosopher
Fausses Conceptions
[The Blossom and the Fruit]
[October, 1896]
Modern Idealism, Worse Than Materialism
October, 1887
The Signs of the Times
Will and Desire
The Origin of Evil
The Great Paradox
Desire Made Pure
“An Adventure Among the Rosicrucians”—Review
Theosophical and Mystic Publications
From the Note Book of an Unpopular Philosopher
Miscellaneous Notes
November, 1887
“Let Every Man Prove His Own Work”
The Esoteric Character of the Gospels ( continued in December, 1887, and February, 1888 )
Compiler’s Notes
The Science of Life
Sin Against Life
Footnotes to “Blood-Covenanting”
“Esoteric Buddhism”
“The Real History of the Rosicrucians”—Review
From the Note Book of an Unpopular Philosopher
[H. P. Blavatsky and the Keely Motor]
December, 1887
“Lucifer” to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Greeting!
“God Speaks for Law and Order”
Answers to Queries
Literary Jottings
Miscellaneous Notes
[September, 1894]
[“Lucifer” and The Theosophical Publishing Company]
[September, 1891]
The Substantial Nature of Magnetism
[October, 1896]
Psychology, the Science of the Soul
December, 1887
[Controversy between H. P. Blavatsky and the Abbé Roca]
Esotericism of Christian Dogma (Abbé Roca)
Notes sur « L’Ésotérisme du Dogme Chrétien » de M. l’Abbé Roca (H.P.B.)
Notes on Abbé Roca’s “Esotericism of Christian Dogma” (translation)
[May, June, July, 1900]
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Note on the Transliteration of Sanskrit
H.P. Blavatsky about 1887
Miss Francesca Arundale
Ruins of the Temple of the Sibyl
Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy
John Worrell Keely
H.P. Blavatsky
Birth scenes from the Temple of Luxor
Mabel Collins
Dr. Franz Hartmann
Gerald Massey
Sepulchral Inscription of Ancient Greece
Inscriptions by Mabel Collins in Light on the Path
Portion of a letter from Master M. to Dr. F. Hartmann
Collected Writings VOLUME VIII
At this point in the chronological sequence of H. P. B.’s writings, begins the period of her brilliant and
dynamic Editorials, as well as other essays and articles, in the pages of the newly-started monthly journal
Lucifer. The first issue of this magazine is dated September 15, 1887, and the title-page describes it as: A
Theosophical Magazine, designed to “bring to light the hidden things of darkness,” a description fully
justified by the many remarkable articles which appeared in its pages as time went on.
Lucifer began to be published only four months after H. P. B. had settled in London, having come over
from Ostende, Belgium, at the insistent urging of Bertram and Archibald Keightley and others. For a short
time, the magazine was published by George Redway, in York Street, Covent Garden, but the same Fall the
Theosophical Publishing Company was organized with a capital of £1,500, and took over the publication of
Lucifer and whatever else was being brought out by the indefatigable workers in London.
From the very first issue, and until October, 1888, the Editorial responsibility for Lucifer was shared by
H. P. B. with Mabel Collins, which was the nom de plume of Mrs. Kenningale Cook. Considering the
important role that she played in the Movement, it has been thought advisable to include a rather
comprehensive biographical sketch of her career in the Bio-Bibliographical Index of the present Volume, to
which the student is referred.— Compiler.
Collected Writings VOLUME VIII
The material in the present Volume is in direct chronological sequence to the writings
contained in Volume VII, and includes several very important and scholarly contributions
from H. P. B.'s pen.
With this Volume we enter her Lucifer cycle of writing which produced some of her
most brilliant Editorials and some of her most scholarly essays. We also reach at this stage
the beginning of her famous controversy with the Abbé Roca.
No special acknowledgements are required in connection with this Volume, as the same
individuals have helped in its production as those already fully mentioned in the Foreword to
Volume VII.
We are deeply grateful for the continued interest they have shown in this endeavor, and
the willing help they have given, each in his or her way, towards the successful completion
of the Manuscript.
August 11th, 1958.
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