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Sam Bailey
Matthew Polsfuss
Matthew Polsfuss
Ariana Stamatiou
– Jolie Day Spy –
Jennifer Zahler
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Bob Kirsch
Cliff Brooks
Matthew Polsfuss
Copyright © 2010 Fast & Sexy, Inc. Fast & Sexy is a trademark owned by Fast &
Sexy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. September 2010, Volume 4, Issue 9. Fast & Sexy is
published monthly by Fast & Sexy, Inc. 32 Jack Heard Rd., Dawsonville GA 30534 3
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Alison Chitty
Alison Chitty, a 20-year-old bombshell, has
been in the modeling business a majority of
her life. At twelve-years-old this young lady
was already working as a runway model.
She’s now represented by IMTA out of New
York. A native of Birmingham, Alabama,
Alison reported that she learned about F&S
through another model. When asked how her
experience went with her photo shoot, she
reported, “It was great! The magazine makes
it fun!” The fun Alison had can easily be seen
in these sexy photos you can only ind in Fast
and Sexy Magazine.
Currently working as a medical assistant,
Alison’s goal for the future is to become a
plastic surgeon. Yet, she is quick to point
out that all her curves are, “100% real”. Her
hobbies include: snow skiing, basketball,
shopping, lounging on the beach, dancing,
and wake boarding. She loves animals and
has two dogs of her own named “Buster”
and “Sampson”. When she was asked by
F&S what she thought a few of her best
attributes were, she answered that her eyes
always drew a great deal of attention. Alison
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