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Britten’s Musical Language
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Britten’s Musical Language
ers fresh perspectives on the composer’s fusion of verbal and
musical utterance in opera and song. It provides close interpretative studies
of the major scores (including PeterGrimes , BillyBudd , TheTurnofthe
Screw , WarRequiem , CurlewRiver ,and DeathinVenice )and explores
Britten’s ability to fashion complex and mysterious symbolic dramas from
the interplay of texted song and a wordless discourse of motives and
themes. Focusing on the performative and social basis of language, rather
than on traditional notions of textual “expression” in vocal music, Philip
Rupprecht pursues topics such as the role of naming and hate speech in
PeterGrimes ; the disturbance of ritual certainty in the WarRequiem ;and
the codes by which childish “innocence” is enacted in TheTurnoftheScrew .
is Associate Professor of Music at Brooklyn College
and the Graduate Center, City University of New York. He has written on
twentieth-century music in a number of journals and is a contributor to
TheCambridgeCompaniontoBenjaminBritten (1999).
Blending insights from linguistic and social theories of speech, ritual, and
narrative with music-analytic and historical criticism, Britten’sMusical
Language o
Music in the Twentieth Century
Arnold Whittall
ers a wide perspective on music and musical life in the twentieth century.
Books included range from historical and biographical studies concentrating particularly
on the context and circumstances in which composers were writing, to analytical and
critical studies concerned with the nature of musical language and questions of
compositional process. The importance given to context will also be re
ected in studies
dealing with, for example, the patronage, publishing, and promotion of new music, and
in accounts of the musical life of particular countries.
The Music of John Cage
James Pritchett
0 521 56544 8
The Music of Ruth Crawford Seeger
Joseph Straus
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The Music of Conlon Nancarrow
Kyle Gann
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The Stravinsky Legacy
Jonathan Cross
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Experimental Music:Cage and Beyond
Michael Nyman
0 521 65297 9 (hardback)0 521 65383 5 (paperback)
The BBC and Ultra-Modern Music, 1922–1936
Jennifer Doctor
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The Music of Harrison Birtwistle
Robert Adlington
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Four Musical Minimalists:La Monte Young, Terry Riley,
Steve Reich, Philip Glass
Keith Potter
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Fauré and French Musical Aesthetics
Carlo Caballero
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The Music of T¯ru Takemitsu
Peter Burt
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The Music and Thought of Michael Tippett:Modern Times and Metaphysics
David Clarke
0 521 58292 X
Serial Music, Serial Aesthetics:Compositional Theory in Post-War Europe
M. J. Grant
0 521 80458 2
Britten’s Musical Language
Philip Rupprecht
0 521 63154 8
This series o
Britten’s Musical Language
Philip Rupprecht
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