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The Wave
Level 2
Retold by Kieran McGovern
Series Editors: Andy Hopkins and
Jocelyn Potter
Pearson Education Limited
Edinburgh Gate. Harlow.
Essex CM20 2JE. England
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ISBN 0 582 41677 9
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First published in Great Britain by Puffin Books 1982
This adaptation first published by Penguin Books 1996
Published by Addison Wesley Longman Limited and Penguin Books Ltd 1998
New edition first published 1999
Second impression 2000
Text copyright C Kieran McGovern 1996
Illustrations copyright © Chris Chaisty 1996
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Chapter 1 Hitler and the Nazis
Chapter 2 Winners Need Discipline!
Chapter 3 The Team
Chapter 4 Members of the Wave
Chapter 5 A Dangerous Experiment
Chapter 6 Anger and Fights
Chapter 7 At the Football Game
Chapter 8 Laurie's Story
Chapter 9 A Sad Day for David
Chapter 10 The Wave Must End!
Chapter 11 The Last Rally
Chapter 12 After the Wave
Activities 40
Mr Ross showed the students a big picture of a wave. ‘This is a
wave. A wave is something that’s always moving. We’ll call our
team the Wave.’
The Wave started in Mr Ross’s history lesson. Now everybody in
the school knows about it. Most students love the Wave.
Ben Ross loves it too. But Ben’s wife, Christy, does not like it.
She thinks it is dangerous.
Laurie Saunders is one of Mr Ross’s students. She liked the
Wave when it started. But now she sees things she does not like.
And some students do not want to be in the Wave - what about
Can Laurie make the other students see what is happening? The
Wave is always moving — can anybody stop it?
The things in The Wave really happened in America - in a school
in Palo Alto, California. Palo Alto is about fifty kilometres south
of San Francisco. It is near the sea and the mountains. The
weather is good all year.
In 1969 a history teacher called Ron Jones started the Wave in
one of his lessons. He wanted to teach his students about the
Nazis in World War II. He wanted them to understand what
happened to people in Germany at that time. But something
strange happened to his students! Later he said: ‘The Wave was
the most frightening thing I ever saw in a school. For three years
after it, no one talked about it.’
Ron Jones later wrote a short story about the Wave. There was
also a one-hour television film. Morton Rhue wrote his book
called The Wave in 1981.
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