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Speeding Ticket
Evangeline Anderson
Honey Daniels knew what she wanted and exactly how to get it. She smiled to
herself as she walked out of the DMV, tucking her brand new license into her little red
purse. The purse matched the high healed red leather fuck-me pumps with laces like
red licorice twined around her slender ankles. The license proved that she was officially
eighteen and perfectly legal. Today was Honey’s birthday and she already had the
perfect present in mind.
She got into her low slung candy apple red convertible and started the engine,
loving the powerful rumble it sent up through her pert little bottom. The car had been a
sweet sixteen gift from her doting Daddy and the vibrations of it’s V-6 engine never
failed to turn Honey on. The sense of power between her legs while she drove the little
car all over town went right to her head… and other areas. Sometimes she got downright
reckless taking curves with suicidal speed and topping ninety on the straight-aways.
Her dangerous driving habits would have resulted in lots of tickets if her Daddy hadn’t
happened to be the Chief of Police in their little town of Wheatstone, Missouri. Captain
Daniels just laughed whenever Honey got in trouble. He tore up her tickets and said it
wasn’t her fault that his only daughter had been born with the soul of a NasCar driver.
But today she intended to get a ticket her Daddy wouldn’t tear up. Honey turned her
little red car in the direction of the old Warehouse district which just happened to be
Officer Nick Christian’s patrol area. She was already getting wet.
As she shifted gears and gunned the engine, Honey enjoyed the play of the wind
through her thick, honey-blond hair. The early May sun shone down on her creamy
golden skin and into her big, baby-blue eyes. Her full pink mouth was glossed with
strawberry flavored lip shine and she was wearing a brand new outfit she had picked
out especially for today. Honey blew through a stop sign and barely stopped at a red
light, but only to straighten her skirt. The wind was blowing up under the flimsy
material, caressing her crotch in a most provocative way and it made her think of the
outfit she had been wearing the first time Officer Nick pulled her over…
From the first minute she saw him, running in a suspect at the police station, Honey
had wanted Officer Nick Christian. She had been sitting by herself in her Daddy’s office,
sucking a cherry-flavored lollipop when a tall, dark-haired officer had pushed past the
office’s plate glass window, shoving a disreputable looking man in front of him. The
suspect was protesting violently about something; Honey could barely hear his voice
because the door was shut, but she could see the way he twisted and fought, trying to
get away from the arresting officer. The officer issued a warning, again Honey couldn’t
hear what he said but the deep rumble of his masculine voice seemed to touch things
deep inside her sweet, curvy body. She felt the vibrations of that voice right between her
legs, exactly where the hum of her little car’s engine affected her and her ripe pink
nipples suddenly peaked inside her lacy bra. Honey sat up a little higher in the big,
leather office chair behind her Daddy’s desk and took notice.
The suspect was still fighting when the tall, dark-haired officer whipped out the
silver handcuffs that were hanging from his wide black leather belt and shoved the
suspect roughly forward over a convenient counter. Pinning the shouting man with ease,
the tall officer yanked the suspects arms behind his back and cuffed him in a matter of
seconds. Honey shivered as she watched the muscles in his broad back ripple while he
did his work and she almost felt jealous of the suspect. Then the officer turned and
looked right at her almost as though he knew she’d been watching. He threw her a
mocking grin that didn’t touch his cool, gray eyes before he grabbed the suspect by the
scruff of the neck and herded him into the next room.
Shark’s eyes, Honey thought and squeezed her thighs tightly together. What would
it be like to be pinned and handcuffed by that tall, dark officer? Then and there she
made up her mind to find out.
A few off-hand questions placed to her dear Daddy that night over dinner had
revealed the new officer’s vital statistics. Officer Nick Christian was twenty-nine, single
and a fine policeman. He had a high arrest record and was bound to make Detective
soon. In the mean time, Honey learned that his regular patrol area was over at the old
Warehouse district on the far end of town. The district was deserted during the day but
a prime place for drug deals in the evening hours. Honey listened raptly while her
Daddy talked between bites of smothered steak and mashed potatoes and laid her
The very next day she was on her way over to Officer Nick’s beat wearing her new
rose silk sundress and driving like a maniac. It wasn’t long after she hit the long,
deserted street lined with empty buildings that she saw the flashing red and blue lights
in her rear-view mirror.
“Yes, Officer?” she inquired sweetly as the tall, scowling man came into view,
looming over her low-slung convertible. Honey wiggled in the seat and sat up straight,
making sure he could see right down the loose top of her pink silk dress. She was
wearing a lacy white half-cup bra that molded to the undersides of her firm little breasts,
supporting her without covering her nipples. She could feel the creamy swells of her
flesh heave as she took a deep breath and her tight pink buds, already stimulated by
friction with the silky top of her sundress, hardened even more when she felt his eyes on
“License and Registration please,” he said tonelessly in that deep, rumbling voice
that sent a shiver straight between her legs. “You’re the Chief’s daughter, aren’t you?” he
asked, examining the articles she’d handed him.
Honey pouted prettily, nibbling on her lush bottom lip as she looked up at him.
“Yes I am. And you’re Officer Nick Christian. I was sitting in my Daddy’s office
yesterday when you brought in that nasty looking suspect.”
“I know,” he said. “I saw you.” Again he gave her that predator’s grin that didn’t
quite reach those cool, gray eyes. “I don’t care who your Daddy is though, Miss Daniels.
Unless you can give me an explanation for your driving I’m writing you a ticket. Care to
explain?” He crossed muscular arms across his broad chest and stared at her.
“Please call me Honey. Everybody does,” she said sweetly, trying not to notice the
thick bulge in his tight blue uniform pants. “And I was driving so crazy because, well, I
think I was stung by a bee.” She sighed, lifting her shoulders and dislodging one of the
spaghetti straps of her dress as she did. The strap fell down taking part of her top with it
and revealing one creamy breast tipped with a juicy pink nipple. Honey enjoyed the
fresh air caressing her naked flesh and pretended not to notice her exposure. She knew
Officer Nick was getting a real eyeful now and she could feel the moist heat building
between her thighs at the thought.
“You think you were stung?” he asked, doubt clear in his deep voice. He didn’t
mention her exposed breast. “Either you were stung or you weren’t, Miss Daniels. Now
which is it?”
“I can’t tell,” she said, looking up at him with her big, baby-blue eyes and giving
him her most innocent, hurt expression. “I felt it but I couldn’t see it—that was the
problem. That’s why I was driving so crazy.”
“Were you stung on the back?” he asked a little more gently. He leaned over and
rested his arms on the side of her car door and Honey could see that his gray eyes were
ringed with dark, midnight-blue. He was close enough to kiss but that would have been
too obvious.
“Not exactly,” she hedged. “It’s a little awkward but it’s stings something fierce.
Maybe… maybe you could take a look for me?” She looked at him hopefully, wiggling
in her seat. The other side of her sundress sagged, revealing more of the curving top of
her other breast but didn’t quite fall down.
Officer Nick appeared to consider her request. Finally he nodded. “I’ll look for you,
Miss Daniels,” he said, formally.
“Oh, I told you, Officer Nick—call me Honey. May I open my car door?” He stepped
back and allowed it and Honey swung open the driver’s side door and twisted around
in her leather bucket seat so that her long, bare, shapely legs were facing the tall
“What are you doing?” he asked as she shook out her long blond hair and settled
herself so that her high-healed sandals were planted firmly on the cracked blacktop of
the deserted street.
Honey gave him a look that was pure naïveté. “Why, you said you’d take a look,”
she reminded him. “I think that nasty old bee stung me right under my dress. How can
you see if I don’t get into the right position?” The other side of her sundress gave up and
she felt the slither of silk as her strap slid down, leaving both breasts bare to those cool,
gray eyes. Again, Honey pretended not to notice. Spreading her legs, she pulled the
slippery rose silk up over her thighs and motioned for the tall officer to lean down.
Officer Nick did better than that, he knelt on the uneven pavement in front of her and
put large, warm hands on either one of her thighs. “Let me see,” he said softly. “Where
does it hurt?”
Honey scooted to get a little closer to his searching gaze and pointed. “Right
between my legs, Officer Nick,” she breathed. She could feel those gray eyes on her, no
longer cool but burning as his large, callused palms rubbed soothingly over her inner
thighs. Honey had prepared for this moment and knew that what he was seeing was
bound to blow his mind.
Just that morning she had shaved the soft curly thatch of hair that grew between her
legs making her sweet little pussy feel deliciously naked and exposed. Then she had
selected her tiniest pair of bikini panties, the cotton-candy pink ones that were cut so
low in front the high slit of her cunt was revealed when she wore them. Now, as Officer
Nick leaned closer to look at her ‘bee sting’, Honey wiggled forward in the seat, causing
the material of her silky pink panties to shift backwards and show even more. She was
already wet and swollen with the naughty thrill of having Officer Nick look at her
breasts and she could feel the tender lips of her naked pussy part as he spread her
thighs even wider. Honey knew her throbbing red clit had to be peeking at him from
between her slick folds and the brief material of her panties was completely wet through
from her desire.
“Where does it hurt exactly?” he asked, allowing one long finger to trace along her
thigh until he reached her pouting pink pussy. “Somewhere in here?” The callused
fingertip traced over the slippery material now barely covering her swollen cunt lips,
drawing a long sigh from Honey’s full mouth.
“Almost-- more to the center,” she breathed, wondering how far he would be willing
to go. Petting her over her panties was one thing, petting her naked pussy was a
different ball game entirely.
“Right here?” he asked, looking up at her as his finger traced over the top of her
mound and stopped at the top of her moist slit.
“Lower,” Honey gasped, spreading her thighs a little wider, opening her pussy for
him. The finger slipped into her wet folds and traveled in a burning line to her swollen
clit and she moaned and bucked half off the leather seat as he caressed the side of the
tender bundle of nerves gently but firmly.
“That’s it,” she whispered, amazed that she could speak at all. “That’s… that’s
exactly where that nasty old bee stung me, Officer Nick.”
“Is that right?” he said, his voice low and soothing as he continued to stroke over her
slippery center and caress her throbbing clit. “Now I wonder what we can do to make
you feel better, Honey?”
“It’s feeling pretty fine already,” she gasped, rotating her hips to thrust her pelvis
closer to his face.
Officer Nick seemed not to have heard her. “I mean,” he continued. “According to
your license, you’re only seventeen, Honey. So there’s only so much I can do for you, no
matter how bad you hurt, you understand?”
“Mmm,” Honey moaned as he rubbed broad fingertips over her silky wet folds,
building the sensations between her thighs. “Just do the best you can, Officer. I’m sure
you know best.”
Officer Nick tugged at her panties until they came all the way down and then spread
her thighs even wider with his strong hands. Leaning in, he parted her slippery, naked
pussy lips with his thumbs and pressed his hot mouth to Honey’s open cunt. Honey
whimpered breathlessly as he sucked her hot clit into his mouth and began circling the
tender bump relentlessly with his tongue.
“Oh, Officer Nick,” she moaned, winding her slender fingers in his thick black hair
and urging him closer. He pressed his face against her, licking her sweet juices and
plunging his hot tongue deeply into her soft cunt. “Oh,” she gasped. “That’s so naughty
but it feels so good! Don’t stop… Eat my little pussy. I think I’m close… ”
He looked up long enough to say, “Come all over my face, Honey. Want to feel your
sweet cunt come while I taste you.” His cheeks and lips were slick with her juices and
his gray eyes were so hot they burned her. Then he buried his face between her thighs
again and lapped at her wet flesh, paying special attention to her swollen, sensitive clit.
Honey felt herself slipping closer and closer to the edge as he tasted her relentlessly.
She buried her hands even more tightly in his thick hair and rode his face harder,
pushing her pelvis up shamelessly to meet him, spreading her pussy wide for his
seeking tongue. She was getting so close… she just needed a little bit more… Suddenly
she felt two long, thick fingers enter her tight passage and press deeply inside her as his
hot mouth continued to work on her.
“Oh, God!” she gasped, feeling the thick fingers reach the end of her passage and
press hard. “Oh God, I’m coming… ” Officer Nick rode out her orgasm, holding steady
despite her bucking and thrashing as he swallowed her sweet juices and lapped at her
gushing pussy.
When it was clear that Honey was finally done, he withdrew his thick fingers and
sucked them clean while she watched. Then he stood up and turned his face to wipe the
glistening wetness from his cheeks on the upper sleeve of his uniform. Dazed, Honey
managed to pull up her panties and straighten her dress.
“Well, Miss Daniels,” he said, all formality and politeness again. “I’m going to let
you off with a warning this time. But see that I don’t catch you driving so erratically
again. I’d better not catch you out on my beat for a good long time, at least not for
another month or so.” He grinned, that cool predator’s grin and Honey knew he was
thinking that her birthday was coming up in the next month and a half. “You’d better
steer clear of this area until then because if I catch you driving like a lunatic again I
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