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Red and the Wolf
An Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publication
Red and the Wolf
ISBN 9781419918810
Red and the Wolf Copyright © 2008 Evangeline Anderson
Edited by Shannon Combs.
Cover art by Syneca.
Electronic book Publication October 2008
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is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the authors’ imagination and used fictitiously.
Evangeline Anderson
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Red and the Wolf
Chapter One
“Are you sure this is gonna work?” Missy Piccolo looked doubtfully at the small
red sachet filled with dried herbs and tied with a pure white ribbon. Her face with its
short pug nose and sharp black eyes was scrunched into an expression of disbelief.
Sara Jensen repressed a small sigh. If you didn’t think it would work, why did you come
to me in the first place? she wanted to ask. But she kept the question behind her teeth,
knowing that Missy, like the other women in Buck Lake, Tennessee, only came to her as
a last resort. Buck Lake was a tiny town in the foot of the Appalachians and Sara was
kind of a dirty secret—the woman you went to when modern medicine and science had
failed and there was nothing else to try. The women of the town called her a witch and
put their noses in the air when she passed them on the sidewalks of the small, quaint
tourist village but they were quick enough to seek her out when they needed a
protection charm or a hex broken or, like Missy Piccolo, a love spell.
“Sure it’ll work,” Sara told her, taking back the bag. “You draw a warm bath and let
the sachet soak in the water. Then you can bathe in it yourself or, better yet, get Roy to
get in it—it’ll have a stronger effect that way. Make love to him afterward and he will
be bound to you in love and fidelity. But only if there is some affinity there to start with,
of course,” she warned.
“Affinity?” Missy raised one skinny black eyebrow in confusion.
“You know—some spark. Attraction. He needs to desire you at least a little before
you can bind him to you. Understand?”
“Oh…oh yeah.” Missy’s face cleared. “No problem there. I can make him want me.
Just can’t keep him from strayin’. I don’t want him sniffin’ after no other women like
some dog in heat.”
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