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This time, the creature under the basement is real. And dead sexy.
Brotherhood of Blood, Book 3
Computer expert Carly is tired, burned out and ready to downgrade her hectic lifestyle to something simpler. Her solution—pull up stakes and
move to an old farm house in the middle of Wyoming. Her new house is full of old-time charm, and it comes with an unexpected surprise. Dmitri
Dmitri, a Master Vampire, had an agreement with the former owners of the house to let him live peacefully beneath it in his hidden lair. Now
there’s a new owner, and he may have to risk revealing his presence to negotiate a new contract. He moves cautiously because if she won’t deal,
he’ll have to kill her once she knows his secret. Carly’s mind is unusually hard to influence, but he makes inroads when she is asleep.
Their shared dreams are more erotic than he ever expected, firing a hunger within him to know her feel and taste in the flesh. But doing so risks
far too much. Even if Carly can’t deny the attraction arcing between them, loving him will force her to make a choice. An eternity in darkness with
him—or life in the sun without him.
This book has been previously published and has been substantially revised and expanded from its original release.
Warning: This book contains graphic language, explicit sex, very naughty dreamwalking and passionate neck biting.
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They cannot be sold, shared or given away as it is an infringement on the copyright of this work.
This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be
construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locale or organizations is entirely coincidental.
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Phantom Desires
Copyright © 2009 by Bianca D’Arc
ISBN: 978-1-60504-485-9
Edited by Bethany Morgan
Cover by Angela Waters
All Rights Are Reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief
quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.
First Samhain Publishing, Ltd. electronic publication: April 2009
Phantom Desires
Bianca D’Arc
To the folks on my chat group who make each day so much fun.
To my family, who support me no matter what crazy thing I choose to do.
And to my editor, Beth, for her help and persistent good humor.
Chapter One
She woke, bleary-eyed, in that state where the mind is half-conscious but the body still believes it is asleep. She blinked several times, but
sleep was winning. In the darkness, she thought she saw a man sitting in the antique chair at the side of her bed, watching her. He was utterly
relaxed, and something about his stillness was confident and supremely masculine. Those impressions lasted even as her body won the fight with
her semi-conscious brain, and she dropped back to sleep.
The next morning, the image of the man’s shape stayed with her. A dark outline of a man that frightened her almost beyond reason. It had
seemed so real. Not like a dream image at all.
She was a capable, steady career woman not given to fits of imagination. Yet, she could have sworn she’d seen a man sitting in her bedroom,
watching her sleep in the dark of the night. Was he a phantom? Some sort of spirit left by the former owners of the old Wyoming farmhouse into
which she had just moved? Or merely a stray figment of her imagination?
Carly shook her head and tried to ignore the shivers coursing down her spine at the memory of the slightly sinister apparition. The house
needed a lot of work, and there was only her to do it. She pushed back the strange memory in the cool light of day and went to work unpacking,
moving furniture into place and cleaning house.
The phone rang unexpectedly on Wednesday afternoon while she was polishing the wood in the foyer of the old house. Carly usually worked
nights and spent part of the days working on her fixer-upper house. Her friends knew her schedule and knew when to call, so most likely it was one
of them. She picked up the receiver and smiled when she heard the voice on the other end of the line. It was Jena.
“Are you ready to come home yet?” her friend asked only half jokingly.
“Not yet, Jen. I’m actually really enjoying myself. This old house has character and the town is kind of nice. It’s good to get away from the
hustle and bustle of California.”
Jena sighed. “Well, I guess you did need less stress in your life, but I hate that you’re so far away. We miss you at our monthly get-
Jena was a doctor and the mother hen of their group. She worried about all of them—the old college study group that had evolved into
lifelong friends. Three of them were married now. The others had chosen various careers to which they were devoted. Jena was a physician, Sally a
detective and Carly had her own software business.
“Oh, come on. Christy hardly ever shows up at our dinners anymore and Lissa and Kelly only come for drinks now that they’ve got hunky
husbands to get back to.”
“Exactly! Which is why we single girls can’t afford to lose touch.”
“I promise we won’t lose touch, Jen. Besides, you know you have an open invitation to come here and see my new place. There’s plenty of
room and the local guys—from what I’ve seen—all fall into the big, brawny stereotype. Lots of ranchers out this way and real live cowboys.”
“Be still my fluttering heart.” Jena could be the queen of sarcasm at times, but Carly loved her all the same. “What about you coming home to
visit us once in a while?”
“Jena, I’ve been gone less than a week!”
They both had a good laugh and caught up on the doings of their mutual friends before Jena got paged—which happened too often to
Carly’s way of thinking. The stresses of city life had truly gotten to Carly, which was why she’d sought this radical change in lifestyle and pace. So
far it was working. Her stress level was lower, as was her blood pressure. She hadn’t even told Jena about the new medication her doctor in town
had prescribed. Jena would have had a cow. But the change in lifestyle was already making a dent, and she had a new doctor monitoring her health,
which was already looking better.
She hung up the phone and started in on more restoration work. She could’ve hired a crew to do it, but she preferred to do it herself. She had
wanted a hands-on project—which pretty much described the entire house—to give her something to do that was both relaxing and rewarding.
She’d cleaned most of the house and was now working from front to back, restoring what she could along the way. If she found anything beyond
her skill level, she’d call in an expert, but for now she was content to do what she could on her own.
On Friday night, after sleeping undisturbed for a week, a vivid dream once again assailed her. She was in a bedroom filled with lit candles, the
spicy aroma of scented wax wafting sensually throughout the room. A strange man leaned over her naked body, caressing her with his eyes,
followed by his strong, masculine hands.
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