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Death Stalks the City
Death Stalks the City
By Donato Ranzato and Christian Ellegaard
"My slaves call me the Lord of Shadows. The Angel of Death. I no longer possess many
of the traits of my resplendent 'brothers.' I am not beautiful in the way that Slaanesh is,
nor do I have a Brazen Crown like Khorne. My wings are not as light as my brother
Tzeentch, nor is my body as strong as Nurgle's. I am the darkest angel. I eclipse all that
is light. My eyes are a deep black sea sparked occasionally with amethyst, yet very few
can look me straight on. In my gaze there is a terrible power. I've reflected images stored
in even the most casual glance that could blind the mightiest angel with madness! I've no
common face or form like the others. My cloak is as black as the night sky before the
stars were cast out into it. The outline of my form merges with giant, raven wings that
when unfurled, make the other angels swoon. I am the 'tallest' of my familiars, and as
strong as Khorne without any weapon. I make no proclamations for melancholy is my
stead, and I speak in my silence only through psychic gestures issued from mind to mind,
and soul to soul. When my wings are fully spread, all light is extinguished exept for the
pale, blue corona that is my very life and serves to frame my form against the shadows. I
am the eclipse of all life. This natural symbol is the most accurate expression of my
station. If you can understand this phenomena of nature, you will better understand me. I
am the most feared of all the Ancients, yet not the most fearsome! My symbolic 'heart' is
cold and still...yet it burns with a passion beyond human imagination. I am the
proverbial 'Harvester of Souls', gathering my crop throughout the universe and resowing
the seeds of each faded bloom onto other soils. I am the Autumn of creation, and the
twilight of time.
I straddle two seperate shores in the performance of my purpose. Making certain that
each spirit reaches the right shore, and that those who are lost between worlds find their
way to being reunited with their homelands...."
"Draw my attention and know Oblivion!"
Included in the Mordheim box is a special Tarot card that symbolises Death. You can see
it also in many pictures throughout the Rulebook and even on some of the cardboard
buildings. This article gives you optionel rules to use this dangerous card in your
Mordheim battles.
The Death Card is an evil card and it represents the attention of the Shadowlord.
Possession of the card means that the warband has attracted the attention of the
Shadowlord and not suprisingly this is not a good thing to have. The player possessing
the card must try to get rid of it as soon as possible before the attention of the Shadowlord
becomes disastrous for the warband. And the only way to do this is to make sure the
attention of the Lord of Shadows is turned to the other warband(s).
Dark Soul - The player who is currently the owner of the Death Card is called the Dark
Free Soul - Any player who is not in possession of the Death Card is a Free Soul.
Do not possess the Death Card at the end of the game.
Play is divided into a limited amount of turns. Each turn the Dark Soul tries to turn the
attention of the Shadowlord at one of the other players while at the same time all players
try to reach the objectives of the scenario as normal. At the end of the last turn, the
Shadowlord manifests itself and the Dark Soul's warband loses as their minds are taken
over by the Shadowlord. If there are more players the winner is determined as usual
according to the scenario. If the winner is also the Dark Soul than no one wins (that is life
you know - editor). If the scenario's objectives are reached before the Shadowlord
intervenes then the warbands (and the Dark Soul's warband for sure) are very lucky. If
you play in a campaign (see Campaign below) the player in possession of the Death Card
at the end of the game loses automatically and must start as a Dark Soul at the start of the
Amount of Turns
Roll a D6
1-2 5 Turns
3-4 6 Turns
5-6 7 Turns
At the start of the game all players roll a D6. The player with the highest score has drawn
the attention of the Shadowlord and begins in possession of the Death card.
If you play in a campaign there are other ways to determine who is the first Dark Soul.
As it depends greatly on what kind of campaign you are playing, we will give you some
possible suggestions to introduce the Death Card in your campaign.
o Warbands can find the Death Card during their exploration fase.
o The Possessed warband's player begins automatically as a Dark Soul.
o If a warband wins (or loses) three times in a row he becomes a Dark Soul.
The Dark Soul must roll on the Death Card table at the start of his turn to see what
happens and how he can get rid of the card.
Roll 2D6. All results apply to one turn only unless stated otherwise. The following
modifiers are added to the roll on this table:
+1 for each turn the Dark Soul has been in possession of the card.
+1 for each enemy fighter the Dark Soul's warband has Knocked Down, Stunned or put
Out of
2 Stiff with Fear!
The Dark Soul skips his turn. None of his warriors may do anything this
turn but recover as normal in the Recovery fase. The Dark Soul may choose to not let one
of his fighters recover or (if none of his fighters need to recover) turn one fighter
Knocked Down. If he does so the Dark Soul may give the Death Card to a Free Soul of
own choice.
3 Harvester of Souls.
The Shadowlord is able to manifest itself in the form of the Black
Reaper, a weaker version of itself. The Black Reaper is controlled by the Free Soul. If
there are more Free Souls control of the Black Reaper goes clockwise starting with the
Free Soul left of the Dark Soul.
Weapons and Armor:
The Black Reaper has a reaper which counts as a double-handed weapon (+2 Strenght
and Always Strikes Last).
Special Rules
Immune to psychology - The Black Reaper is immune to psychology and will never lose
its nerve (simply because it _has_ no nerves!), and it will just fight on and on and on..
Fearful - The Black Reaper causes Fear
Avatar - The Black Reaper is a weaker version of the Shadowlord but it is still near
immortal. The Black Reaper hasn't any wounds and so never has to roll on the Injury
Chart. See below when the Black Reaper goes away.
Harvester of Souls - For each fighter he puts Out of Action the Black Reaper gets +1
Attack and +1 WS.
If the Black Reaper is unable to inflict any wounds for a whole turn, the Black Reaper
departs and the Dark Soul may give the Death Card to a Free Soul of his own choice.
4 Possessed.
5 4 - 4 4 - 4 1+ 10
The Shadowlord takes over the mind of one of the Dark Soul's fighters. The
Dark Soul may choose which of his fighters is possessed. For this turn a Free Soul of the
Dark Soul's choice may move, shoot and charge with the warrior. Pass the Death Card to
that Free Soul that controlled the possessed fighter at the end of this turn.
5 Pacifist.
None of the Dark Soul's fighters may declare a charge this turn. If a fighter
of the Dark Soul's warband injures a Free Soul's fighter pass the Death Card to that Free
6 It's a kind of Magic.
The Dark Soul's warband must succesfully cast a Spell or say a
Prayer this turn. If the Dark Soul fails in this all his To Hit rolls are at -1 until it
is his turn again. If the Dark Soul succeeds pass the Death Card to the Free Soul whose
warband was the target of the spell. If no Free Soul's warband was the target of the spell
cast the Dark Soul may give the Death Card to a Free Soul of his own choice.
7 Red Hot.
A fighter in the Dark Soul's warband chosen by the Dark Soul suddenly catches
fire. Any other fighter in base-to-base contact with the burning fighter catches fire also
on a roll of 4+ on a D6. A burning fighter takes an automatic Strength 2 hit each turn and
moves in a random direction (roll a scatter dice and move the fighter 2D6" in that
direction). As soon as another fighter catches fire pass the Death card to that fighter's
8 Illusions.
A Free Soul of the Dark Soul's choice may switch any amount of models on the
battlefield, even models in Close Combat. At the end of the turn switch models to their
original position and the Dark Soul may give the Death Card to the Free Soul that could
switch models this turn.
9 Vanish.
Suddenly some of the fighters in the Dark Soul's warband begin to shimmer and
fade away. The Dark Soul chooses a Free Soul and that Free Soul rolls a D3 (Roll a D6
divide the score by two). The Free Soul may remove up to that amount of fighters from
Dark Soul's warband from the battlefield, even fighters in Close Combat. These vanished
fighters do NOT count towards to number of models put Out of Action needed to take a
test. At the end of the turn return all vanished fighters to the battlefield to their
original positions and the Dark Soul may give the Death Card to the Free Soul that could
vanish models this turn.
10 Evil Winds.
The Shadowlord blows up some evil and destructive winds that mean that no
magic can be cast this turn by the Dark Soul, and no prayers can be attempted. If a Free
Soul casts a spell or says a prayer pass the Death card to that player.
11 Sheer Insanity.
A small aspect of the Lord of Shadows is able to manifest itself in
this dimension and only the Dark Soul's warband can see it. But even this small form is
enough to drive the strongest minds insane. Every fighter in the Dark Soul's warband
take a Stand Alone test to see if he flees or manages to stay calm. If the fighter fails
this test the fighter also counts as if he failed a Fear test.
12 Swap.
Suddenly, for no apparent reason, the attention of the Shadowlord is directed to
another Free Soul. Each Free Soul rolls a D6 and the lowest scoring Free Soul receives
Death card.
As you can see the effects of the Death Card are very powerful and they will have a great
impact on the game. This way your players will really want to get rid of this card as soon
as possible and they will learn to fear it. We suggest not to use the card in all your
Mordheim battles but only once in while for a fun, short, and very bloody game. It is a
good idea to limit the effects of the card if you decide to use it in your campaign.
Have fun and may the gaze of the Shadowlord pass you by..
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