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Khrys of the Sapphire
Khrys of the Sapphire
Khrys grew up amazingly in Ulthuan, home of the High elves. As the only human in a
land of Elves, Khrys found himself very secluded until his childhood had passed.... It was
at the age of ten Khrys learned to run and use magic of the Elves. Very advanced for his
age, he was finally respected by his kith enough to return to the Empire as an adviser,
interpreter and even a hopeful ambassador. Tjis was not to be as a group of Chaos
worshippers attacked his escort and killed all his companions. It was only his magic and
swift feet that allowed him to escape and Khyrs found himself traveling the Old World
seeking work as a wizard. His journeys eventually led him to Mordheim. During one
battle against a Chaos cult, Khrys was badly wounded, but his magic urged him to
Sigmar's Spire itself while he hid a few of his most precious items from his travels. The
exertion of running even human speed made him keel over, but he could see a cultist take
a dagger high above his head. Death seemed imminent for Khrys, but his old Elven gods
seemed to smile on him that day. A Sigmarite hammer crushed the skull of the cultist. It
wielder helped Khrys up, and Khrys looked into the eyes of a girl not much older than he.
Khrys was to learn it was Sister Kathryn of the Daughters of Dawn. The following
weeks, Khrys lived as a refugee in the Sister's Cathedral, ever growing fonder of Sister
Khrys of the Sapphire 95gc to hire +35gc upkeep
May be hired by: Mercenaries and Sisters of Sigmar
5 4 5 3 4 2 6 1 8
Armor/Weapons: Khrys wears an Elven Cloak and uses an Ithilmar Sword.
Special Rules:
Half-Elf: Khrys was raised as an Elf, and as so his maximum statistics may have M
5 and Ld 10.
Special Caches: Khrys has scattered items from his travels. Any warband may look
for one of them in the Exploration phase. Instead of Khrys's upkeep, you may let him
have one of his relics. (See chart below.)
Love: Khrys is in love with Kathryn, a Sister of Sigmar and may be the only wizard
able to be hired by a Sister of Sigmar group but may not be hired by witch hunters, who
see no difference in an elf wizard and a human heretic.
Spells: Khrys starts with one spell, Sapphire Mist.
Sapphire Mist Difficulty 7
Khrys weaves an archaic Elven design in the air and is surrounded by a blue, cold mist.
Any HtH or shooting attack suffers a -1 to hit against Khrys and any friendly models in
base to base contact with Khrys. Any unfriendly models within 2" take a S4 hit because
of the cold.
Skills: Khrys has the following skills taught to him by the High Elves: Combat Master,
Eagle Eyes, Streetwise, and Sprint.
Khrys’ Cache
In the exploration phase, roll 2d6. On a roll of 10, you have found one of his items in the
ruins. Roll on the chart below. Note that if you have already found an item, you may not
find a copy of it again.
2d6: Item
Axe of
This axe is etched in red and black runes, formerly belonging to
a Chaos Champion of Khorne. The user is subject to Frenzy on
a roll d6 roll of 1-3 and subject to stupidity on a roll of 5-6.
Khrys will NOT work without his upkeep pay for this item, and
will never use it. When asked why he had it in the first place,
he'll just grumble about Chaos and evil in general..
Book of
This book belonged to one of the shaman of the Loren forest. It
contains a spell which Khrys or another wizard may use called
Love of the Land:
Diff 6, The caster or any friendly model 4" of him is surrounded
by a greenish-blue outline and healed up to their maximum
number of wounds.
Book of
This book tells of the hunts in the name of the Elven god of
beasts. It contains a spell Khrys or any wizard using this book
may cast called Falcons of the God:
Diff 5, This spell causes magically imbued falcons to attack one
enemy. The enemy takes D6 S2 hits and may not do anything in
the shooting or HtH phase other than try to run away from the
flock, or ward them off.
Bow of
This is an Elven Bow imbued with magical powers. Any warrior
using this bow gets an extra +1 to hit and may use it in HtH.
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