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the wandering Orc
Iklka was banished from his tribe after a disasterous series of battles (called
tournies by some). Since then he has wandered the Old World as a mercenary
Orc. He has used all kinds of different names during the times he has been
wandering. Some of you may know him by such names as: Illka the Butcher, or
the Terrible Ilkka ‘Bad’ Manners!
Finally, after convincing himself that he’s the best mercenary around, he decided
to go to the near-legendary town of Mordheim to search for the precious
Wyrdstone, so that he could (maybe) oneday go back to his tribe, and take back
his position as leader of his tribe (though he’ll mostly likely be beheaded when
he’s found, because he stole a whole lot of stuff before he was exiled :)
Rules :
Iklka is a better than average swordsman, but couldn’t hit the broad side of a
barn with a bow, and would only hit his own feet with a pistol. Therefore he will
never use any kind of missile weapon, and will only use a sword in HTH. Should
he lose his own sword he will get a 2-h axe to replace it. He may use the dagger
instead of the shield is you wish.
He is exremely slow, but can withstand hits better than ‘umies. He has a nasty
tendency to stumble on his feet. Therefore he may not try to use ropes or try to
jump under any circumstances (unless fleeing. See special rule).
Hiring : Hiring Iklka costs 45 GCs. Upkeep is 15 (which he uses to get drunk on
Iklka starts with 8 experience. He gains Xp as normal.
Profile : M WS BS S T W I A LD
4 4 1 (4)3 4 3 (4)1 2 6
Equipment : ‘Uge sword, shield, light armour, dagger.
‘Uge Sword: Iklka has his own unique weapon called The ‘Uge Sword. The sword
is so huge that it gives Iklka +1S. It does however drop his I by 3 (noted in
profile). Iklka can still parry as normal.
Options : Iklka may not be given any additional equipment, except if he buys it
himself (see the other special rule).
Special rules :
Expert fleeer: Iklka is a natural born fleeer. He isn’t fast, but if he thinks that it’s
time to go, he goes, and fast! Therefore Iklka flees 3d6" instead of the normal
2d6". When fleeing he will automatically pass any initiative tests he is required to
make (jumping from buildings, etc...). He is so determined to get away from what
ever made him flee. Note: this extra d6" doesn’t apply to any other situations.
Only when Iklka is forced to flee, or flees voluntarily.
Looter: As said before, Iklka is gathering gold and Wyrdstone to go back to his
tribe, and possibly buy his freedom, and join the tribe. He will loot any enemies
that are stunned by someone, or that he stuns himself. He will gather the gold for
himself. The warband he works for will NOT get ANY gold from him. Should he
ever gather enough money to buy a heavy armour (40 GCs), he will do so. This
is the only item he can buy. If Iklka ever gets the heavy armour he’s LD is
boosted to 8 because the armour makes him feel more protected. He will also
lose the extra d6" for fleeing when he gets the armour (hey, it weights a lot!)
A few things: I didn’t make this char to be too good (it might be). I made it simply
because I thought it might be funny.
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