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The Dark Templar
The Dark Templar
By PsychoCandyCorn@hotmail.com
A.K.A. Bill Joseph
Never come back... or I shall find you..." With
that, he brought the blade quickly up and
sheathed his sword. He turned and trotted away
into the darkness, leaving the chest, the slumped
body of Augustus and Theron in the street. It
wasn't until the horseman was long gone, and the
webbing dissipated before Theron noticed the
warm liquid trailing down the side of his face.
He instinctively reached for his cheek and felt a
long, deep gash. He never even felt the cut. He
surveyed the situation. The chest was still there.
But so was the horseman.... Out there.... He
turned and fled from the city of Mordheim, never
to return. "
" Augustus and Theron darted from building to
building, carrying with them a chest that they had
just stolen from the Dark Magister Xzyos. They
had quietly made their way into his private
chambers with the aid of information bartered for
a rather large sum of Gold Crowns, but the profit
they stood to make well outweighed the cost and
the risk of stealing the chest. Everything had
gone as planned, until they heard the jangle of
armour, they heavy footfalls of the war-horse, and
the shrieking metal on stone sound of a sword
being dragged across the ground. They turned
their heads in unison and almost dropped the
chest in fright. Before them sat a man clad in
brass coloured armour with a dark blue tunic
atop his black steed. He held in his arms a
massive, wickedly curved two-handed sword. His
glowing pale blue eyes transfixed on the two
thieves. He kicked his heels into the sides of his
mount and urged it into a leap. The he charged.
Theron and Augustus darted, fear consuming
them, they dropped the chest and sprung for their
lives. The horseman swung his blade out at
Augustus; it hummed with magic as it passed
through flesh and bone, severing his head. The
runes scribed across the blade glowed with a
crimson light where blood had coated the blade.
While Augustus' headless body slumped to the
ground, the horseman reared the horse and
brought it around towards Theron. He held both
blade and his gauntleted fist into the air and
chanted arcane words, bringing both down and
aiming them towards Theron, he completed his
spell. Sticky white webbing flew from his hand,
arcing widely towards Theron, encasing him in the
gluey substance. Theron fell to the floor. The
horseman slowly trotted to him, lowered his blade
even with Theron's throat and spoke in a voice
that would forever haunt Theron's nightmares,
chilling him to the bone, "Abandon this city...
The Dark Templar is a warrior shrouded
in mystery. Whenever someone steals
from a force of darkness, slays a servant
of evil, or when slave of chaos seeks him
out, they run the chances of summoning
this dread knight. The Dark Templar is a
warrior mage form a time long forgotten.
Whether he is dead, undead or spawn of
chaos is unknown, however the fact that
he is imbued with the power of pure evil
is not fictitious.
Who Can Hire: The Dark Templar may
only be hired by a servant of chaos or evil.
Unlike most Dramatic Personæ he is not
hired for a fee, rather, like the Sigmarite
Matron, he will join up with a Possessed
or Undead warband for one battle,
providing he is summoned. The chances
are as follows (roll 1d6):
Actively sought out: 4+
Opposing warband won last battle: 3+
Chaos or Undead leader slain: 2+
Difference in Warband Rating is 50+: 6+
Difference is 100+: 5+
Difference is 150+: 4+
Difference is 200+: 3+
The Dark Templar may only be attempted
to be summoned every other battle.
Infiltrator : The Dark Templar may be
placed anywhere on the table after the
player who is fielding him completes his
first turn (in the Recovery phase of the
players second turn).
Rating: The Dark Templar increases the
Warbands rating by 150 points for the
duration of any battle he is involved in.
Dark Templar 4 7 3 5 6 3 5 3 10
Dark Steed 6 5 0 4 5 3 4 2 10
Never Stays : The Dark Templar never
stays with a warband and as such does not
count towards Income, Exploration or
Rare Trade.
Weapons/Armour: The Dark Templar
wears a special arcane suit of armour (save
of 4+) that allows his to cast spells
without penalty. The armour is brass in
colour with black etched runes upon it.
He also carries a large, kris bladed
claymore with crimson runes on it. The
blade has no initiative penalty, (ignores the
"Go Last" rule for two handed swords)
and causes a Str. +3 wound per hit. He is
accompanied by his war-horse which
wears barding (save of 4+) and follows all
the special rules for a war-horse.
Skills: Strike to Injure , Web of Steel , Step
Aside , and Unstoppable Charge . As well as
the following spells with a bonus of +1 to
his rolls to cast them: Fires of U'Zhul ,
Dread of Aramar , and a special spell known
to him Webbing (which encases one model
within 6" in web until the target can roll
under his strength (-1 if wearing light
armour, -2 for heavy) on a d6, Difficulty is
Special Rules:
Fear : Being a Dread Knight, the Dark
Templar causes Fear and is immune to
the effects of Fear .
Unfeeling: Being a creature of
consummate darkness, the Dark Templar
is immune to all Psychology .
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