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May 1986
M-M-Max Headroom Game Preview
Teletext Adaptor on Test
Plus Spindizzy Pokes, Reviews,
Listings and Much More
Inside: PCW 8512 Full Review
DISC El 2.95 CASSETTE 0.95
TELEPHONE (0734) 591678
54 London Street, Reading RG1 4S0
_ 6
5 News
9 Letters
12 Gallup Chart
The official Amstrad Top 20
98 Least Significant Bit
Full list of Amstrad happenings
15 Prospell [REVIEWS
Magic spelling correction from Arnor
18 Max
Preview of the
new Argus game
36 Teletext
Data through the
airwaves, free with
the Volex TTX 2000
23 Adventure
Hints and reviews from Bill Brock
39 Silicon disc
The Dk disc to upgrade your CPC
30 Homespread
A simple spreadsheet to
balance your expenses
68 It's a stick up
Joysticks compared stick against stick
77 Games reviews
The latest and the best expert opinion
44 Goin' Loco
Arrays explored in
three dimensions
Hairy Hacker Haunt
Winning at games through means fair or foul
CP/M software should
be installed with care
58 Herbert's Dummy Run
Your map to the department store
64 Ooops!
We made a mistake (or two) so here's
the record set straight
74 One liners
It's amazing what you can do in one line
The new Amstrad machine, Jeremy
Spencer takes a look
XI Poly programs
Cheap, but good business software
The Amstrad serial interface for the
PCW 8256/851 2
aA aa a a a%o&I
XX I I Advanced locoscript
for beginners
Printing explained —from the
horse's mouth
XXVI I Boxing clever with
61 Firebird comet
Halley's comet has been and gone —
win a telescope to remember it by
Ken Clark shows you how to
program with GSX
90 ACU bargain
169 King's Road, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4EF.
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Amstrad User May 86
Page 3
Communicating with the outside world can present its own special problems. Fortunately
help is at hand for Amstrad users in the form of Nightingale and Commstar.
The Nightingale modem has becomethe standard by which others
are judged. Combining simplicity of use with true multi-baud rate
operation, Nightingale can provide access to both Viewdata
(1200175 & 75/1200 baud) and full duplex (300/300 baud) systems.
Commstar isthe communications software and is now available for
the Amstrad micro. Commstar is a combination of powerful Viewdata
and Terminal communications programs providing full telesoftware
downloading facilities. It is fully approved by Viewfax and features
window menus, a full eight colours, it can be used under CiPM and
is fully compatible with the Amsoft RS232 standard.
Nightingale and Commstar for use on the Amstrad CPC 464.664, and
6128 are available direct from Pace or from good dealers everywhere.
APPROVED for use
wi th te le ctite inntinkailaue • ye llowst
oun by e ltilisk Te hte e inrsiortice tie wli
on ate oyda ne e wIth the eondoloon• in
the initissO O Me ts For use
b 2n!e2• 1 1
Nightingale Modem E119.00 Commstar on disc E29.57
Nightingale, Commstar (on ROM), plus Serial Interface E150.00
Also available separately are the Terminal (1-loneyterm), and Viewdata (Floneyview) programs
from Commstar at E19,95 each.
Please add carriage and VAT, to the above prices. P P(U.K.):0.75 with Nightingale E2.50.
Comprehens iv e tact sheets are available for these and other Pace products
PACE Micro Technology
Juniper View, Merton Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire.
Tel. 0274 488211 Telex No. 51338
Prestel Mailbox No. 274 729306
Telecom Gold Mailbox No. PCE 001
Int. Tel. No. 4-44 274 488211
User News...
Cheap games
on disc
already some big names have joined the
scheme. They include Design Design,
Lothlorien, Gremlin Graphics, Kuma,
CCS, Britannia, Firebird, US Gold,
CRL, Mastertmnic, Mikro Gen, PSS,
Palace, Martech and Mirrorsoft.
For more details call Ambyte on 0277
220573. Why Ambyte? Well the com-
pany which was in the building before
was Ambit, so Ambyte is eight times
Ambyte have a solution to constant
problems faced by 6128 owners, the lack
of games software on disc. Even if you
do find the title you want it is bound to
be expensive, it costs a software house
more to copy a disc than it does to buy
and copy a tape. On top of that blank
discs are over 15 times the price of blank
One solution is a compilation disc,
the excellent Working Backwards disc
from Design Design is the best example,
but you are likely to have already got
some of the games. No what you need is
a way to choose the games that appear
on a compilation disc.
Am byte will let you do just this. They
have a big hard disc with all the best
games sitting there just waiting to be
put on to a 3 inch disc. All you need to
do is decide which games you want,
send them the same amount of money
as you would for a tape, and they will
put all the games you want on as few
discs as are needed to hold all that data.
There is a catch - you must spend at
least ,E15, but then that is only the price
of two tape-based games.
When you get your Am byte disc it
will have a menu, telling you which
games are on the disc and your name, so
that if you manage to crack the very
tough protection you can be caught
when you dish out copies to your
friends. There may even be a code
hidden on the disc in case you get past
that one.
Software houses need to trust
Ambyte, and to produce the programs
within quite a tight specification but
Amstrad adds
spice to Sagesoft's
Samantha Fox with David Martin of
Martech, one of her greatest sup-
Sam gets into
Sagesoft claim to be the leading
supplier of professional and accounting
software in the UK and it's all because
of Amstrad. Sage have made sales
worth almost 11 million in three
months, in the main packages for the
They claim 7,333 accounting
modules shipped during February, of
which 6,755 were Amstrad accounting
software packages. Chit Chat, a corn me
package for the PCW 8256, sold 771
units in the first three weeks after its
launch in February.
Sagesoft have repackaged their exis-
ting software to distinguish their
Amstrad range from other personal
computer business software and they
have found that interest in the Amstrad
software has been a good advertisement
for them. Managing director David
Goldman says: "Sales of our Amstrad
business software have had a knock-on
effect by boosting sales of our other
product lines".
Martech have announced a strip poker
game featuring digitised pictures of
Samantha Fox (19 approx). This news
item was a lot longer but we deleted all
the sexist remarks and double mean-
Turn te turn te turn. Computer owning
fans of the Archers, Radio 4's famous
farming soap opera, will be pleased to
hear that there is to be an adventure
game of the series. Due out in the
autumn, the game is being written by
Level 9 and William Smethurst, editor
of the Ambridge serial.
Also to be released in the late
summer, The Growing Pains of Adrian
Mole. This is the sequel to the
successful Secret Diaries. Both games
are published by Mosaic Publishing
who also promise two more titles for the
summer. These are the Snow Queen
and the Story of the Amulet.
First book for
the 8512
the Amstrad
PCW 8256/8512:
Citizen again
Sigma Press have been very quick off
the mark with what must be the first
independent book available for users of
the PCW 8512 and 8256. Only a week
after the press announcement of Fat
Joyce, Sigma have announced "Mas-
tering the Amstrad PCW 8256/8512",
by John M. Hughes, a tutorial guide to
word processing and using LocoScript.
The book also goes into using CP/M and
a number of the classic software
packages. Price is £8.95 and it should
be available now,
Citizen have announced a new printer
called the LSP-10. This is a 120 cps dot
matrix printer similar in its features to
the MSP range (the MSP-10 was
previously reviewed in ACU January).
The LSP-10 has a 25 cps, letter
quality, mode, tractor feed and 4k
buffer as standard. It is compatible
with Epson and IBM and has an
optional cut sheet feeder. The LSP-10
will be available for £255 from appoin-
ted Citizen distributors and dealers in
May. Does this mean they are available
from your local jewellers?
Sigma have the 8512 covered
Amstrad User May 86
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