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Unhallowed Metropolis
Si quis hunc librum furetur, a Fortuna deseratur, aleae eius Canem iactent, et cadavera ambulantia
personam eius devorent.
If you need to contact Hallows Eve Designs, please email www.hallowsevedesigns@gmail.com. Physical address is
5226 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105
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Written and Created: Jason Soles and Nicole Vega
Interior Sculptor: George Higham
Additional Contributions: Patrick Carrick, Eliza
Gauger, Ann Koi, Bill Movish, and Melanie Strong
Cartographer: Monica Valdovinos
Unhallowed Logo: Daniel Gelon
Game Design: Jason Soles
New Dark Age Logo: Joshua McDowell
Additional Rules Development: Rebecca Borgstrom
and Nicole Vega
Character Sheet Design:
Jennifer Dowling, Marcy Monroe, and Jordan Block
Graphic Designer: Jefferson Dunlap
Photography: Robert Brown, Angel Ceballos, Eliza
Gauger, George Higham, and Marc17
Editor: Jennifer Shaiman
Proofreaders: Anita Arora, George Cusack, Jason Soles,
and Nicole Vega
Models: Amanda Amare, Angel Ceballos, Wendy Fuji-
naga, Rick Gauger, Richard Hartnell, San Inman, Ann Koi,
Malaria, Noel, Zack Paleias, Marike Reimer, Allyson Sgro,
Victoria Shaffer, Jason Soles, Magdalene Veen, Nicole Vega,
Jillian Ventures
Art Direction: Eliza Gauger, Jason Soles, and Nicole Vega
Cover Artist: George Higham
Photo Manipulation: Eliza Gauger, George Higham,
and Marc17
Interior Artists: Samuel Araya, Aron Dittbrenner, Eliza
Gauger, Raven Mimura, Jennifer Quesada, Brian Snoddy,
Trent Thynes, and Melissa Uran
Make Up Artists: Jennifer Dowling and Sheilynne D
Hallows Eve Studios: Aron Tarbuck and Kate Lynch
Hallows Eve Designs Business Manager: Kate Lynch
Historical Consultant: Melanie Strong
Technical Adviser: Ann Koi
Play Testers: Aron Anderson, Kayo Blackmoore, Ian Block, Jordan Block, Arik ten Broeke, Patrick Carrick, John Casinelli, Brian Dewhirst, Brad
Elliott, Erik Englund, Rohan French, Robin de Graaf, Mark Hughes, Emily Jackman, Ben Leong, Eric “Doc” Levin, Kate Lynch, Lucas McCaus-
lin, Marc17, Ben McKay, Marcy Monroe, Derek Philip Murtagh, Ryan Naylor, Faisal Naqvi, Jye Nicholson, Mark Philp, Turin Pollard, Rebecca
Orth, Jason Ryder, Jason Soles, Lon Teal, Lee Davis-Thalbourne, Scott Vandervalk, Nicole Vega, and Jeroen Wilhelmus
Special Thanks: Marc17, Eliza Gauger, Melanie Strong, George Higham, Jennifer Shaiman, Patrick Carrick, Ann Koi, Aron Anderson, Kate
Lynch, and Jefferson Dunlap; we couldn’t have done it without you. Brad Elliott and Hsin Chen, for giving us the opportunity to explore the new
dark age. Our artists who efforts brought Unhallowed Metropolis to visual life. Bill Movish for obscure research and translations. Jordon Block,
Brian Dewhirst, Carolyn Lachance, Jye Nicholson, Scott Vandervalk, and all of our play testers; your feedback was vital to shaping the metropolis.
Anita Arora for last minute proof reading and constant encouragement. Matt Wilson for his invaluable advice. Everyone who turned out for our
absinthe tastings and photo parties; you kept us living in the metropolis. Steven Bard, for opening your amazing house for our photo shoots. Ogre
Marco, Rob Stoddard, Kevin Clark, everyone at Privateer Press. Peter and Alice Strong, Michael Santora, Catalyst Studios, Wes Doyel, Jennifer
Dowling, Charles Moore, Karina Hart, Jason Likely, Sepiachord, Derek Fetters, Brian Snoddy, James Davis, Duncan Huffman, Sara Hawk, Kevin
Inouye Prop Rentals, Abney Park, Eerie Arts, the Dreaming, Brian and Gwen Callahan and Sigh Co. Graphics, HEA, Jackie, Dylan McPuke,
Samantha X and the 999 Eyes ov Endless Dream Carnival Museum & Sideshow, the Galway Arms, the Irish Immigrant, and the Aurafi ce.
The New Dark Age is Jason Soles and Nicole Vega.
This book is printed under the copyright of the United States of America. Contents copyright © 2009, Jason Soles and Nicole Vega. All rights reserved. This book is a work
of fi ction; any resemblance to organizations, places, events, or actual people–living or dead–is purely coincidental. Copies of materials herein are intended solely for your
personal, noncommercial use, and only if you preserve any associated copyrights, trademarks, or other notices. You may not distribute copies to others for a charge or other
consideration without prior written consent of the owner of the materials except for review purposes only.
Unhallowed Metropolis, the Unhallowed Metropolis logo, the New Dark Age logo, the Neo-Victorian World, and all related character names, places, and things are trademark
and copyright © 2009, Jason Soles and Nicole Vega. Hallows Eve Studios logo is trademark and copyright © 2009, Hallows Eve Studios.
Table of Contents
Chapter 5: The Anatomy of Horror P age 235
Chapter 1: Unhallowed Ground
P age 3
The Animate Dead
P age 235
The Victorian Age
P age 6
Zombie Rules
P age 245
The Plague Years
Page 10
The Vampires
Page 254
The Reclamation
P age 17
Vampire Rules
P age 265
The Rise of the Neo-Victorians
P age 24
P age 271
The Outside World
P age 33
Dhampir Rules
P age 272
Life in the Metropolis
P age 39
P age 275
Neo-Victorian Society
Page 45
Ghoul Rules
Page 279
Crime & Sin
P age 68
Supermundane Inhabitants
P age77
Chapter 6: Miracles of Science
P age 283
Alchemists and Physicians
P age 283
Chapter 2: The Formula
P age 79
The Neo-Victorian Apothecary
P age 287
Page 79
Neo-Victorian Medicine
Page 305
Attribute & Skill Rolls
P age 79
Forms of Man
P age 315
P age 81
Children of Science
P age 315
P age 87
Mercury, Sulphur, and Salt:
P age 92
The Mercurials
P age 324
Page 101
To Create the Perfect Soldier:
P age 102
P age 339
Treating Wounds
P age 109
The Galvanists
P age 349
Destroying the Undead
P age 110
Therapeutics and Biomechanics
P age 358
Extraordinary Circumstances
P age 112
Chapter 7: Smoke & Mirrors
Page 365
Chapter 3: Playing God
P age 117
P age 365
Character Creation
P age 117
Dynamics of Pla y
P age 366
P age 118
Scenarios & Campaign Play
P age 367
Starting Corruption
P age 135
The Antagonists
P age 368
Page 146
Plot Seeds
Page 375
P age 148
Awarding Experience Points
P age 380
Quality and Impediment Descriptions P age 167
P age 380
Character Development
P age 194
Additional Inspiration
P age 385
Chapter 4: Tools of the Trade
Appendix A:
The Neo-Victorian Glossary
Currenc y
P age 197
P age 386
The Black Market
P age 197
Cost of Goods
P age 198
Appendix B: Bibliography
Page 387
Neo-Victorian Fashion
P age 203
Explanation of Goods
Page 206
Appendix C: Index
P age 390
THIS IS JUST A GAME. Keep in mind that if you play with things MAN WAS NOT MEANT TO KNOW, the
authors claim no responsibility, including, but not limited to breaking any law, tenet, or tradition, temporal or
divine, implied or in print. Galvanic reanimation may work in the movies, but in practice… It’s really tough.
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