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What People are saying about this book:
"A readable, practical, and entertaining book about a challenging,
original, and promising new discipline. I recommend it."—Dan
Goleman, Associate Editor of Psychology Today.
"NLP represents a huge quantum jump in our understanding of
human behavior and communication. It makes most current therapy
and education totally obsolete."—John O. Stevens, author of
Awareness and editor of Gestalt Therapy Verbatim and Gestalt is.
"This book shows you how to do a little magic and change the way
you see, hear, feel, and imagine the world you live in. It presents new
therapeutic techniques which can teach you some surprising things
about yourself."—Sam Keen, Consulting Editor of Psychology Today
and author of Beginnings Without End, To a Dancing God, and
Apology for Wonder.
"How tiresome it is going from one limiting belief to another. How
joyful to read Bandler and Grinder, who don't believe anything, yet use
everything! NLP wears seven-league-boots, and takes 'therapy' or
'personal growth' far, far beyond any previous notions."—Barry
Stevens, author of Don't Push the River, and co-author of Person to
"Fritz Peris regarded John Stevens' Gestalt Therapy Verbatim as the
best representation of his work in print. Grinder and Bandler have
good reason to have the same regard for Frogs into Princes. Once
again, it's the closest thing to actually being in the workshop."—
Richard Price, Co-founder and director of Esalen Institute.
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frogs into PRURCES
Reuro Linguistic Programming
Richard Sandier
John Grinder
edited by
Steve ftndreas
(formerly 3ohn Q. Stevens)
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Copyright © 1979
Real People Press
Moab, Utah 84532
ISBN: 0-911226-18-4 clothbound $11.00
ISBN: 0-911226-19-2 paperbound $7.50
Cover Artwork by Elizabeth Malczynski, Brooklyn, NY
Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data:
Sandier, Richard.
Frogs into princes.
"Edited entirely from audiotapes of introductory
NLP training workshops conducted by Richard Bandler
and John Grinder."
Bibliography: p.
1. Psychotherapy. 2. Nonverbal communication.
3. Psycholinguistics. 4. Imagery (Psychology)
I. Grinder, John, joint author. II. Title.
, 79-13255
ISBN 0-911226-19-2
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The name Real People Press indicates our purpose; to publish ideas and ways that a
person can use independently or with others to become more real—lo further your own
growth as a human being and to develop your relationship and communication with
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ISBN 0-911226-18-4
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Foreword by Steve Andreas (formerly John O. Stevens)
A Challenge to the Reader
Representational Systems and Accessing Cues
II Changing Personal History and Organization:
III Finding New Ways:
I Sensory Experience:
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I have been studying education, therapies, growth experiences, and
other methods for personal change since I was a graduate student with
Abe Maslow over twenty years ago. Ten years later I met Fritz Peris
and immersed myself in gestalt therapy because it seemed to be more
effective than most other methods. Actually all methods work for some
people and with some problems. Most methods claim much more than
they can deliver, and most theories have little relationship to the
methods they describe.
When I was first introduced to Neuro Linguistic Programming I was
both fascinated and very skeptical. I had been heavily conditioned to
believe that change is slow, and usually difficult and painful. I still have
some difficulty realizing that I can usually cure a phobia or other
similar long-term problem painlessly in less than an hour—even
though I have done it repeatedly and seen that the results last.
Everything written in this book is explicit, and can be verified quickly
m your own experience. There is no hocus-pocus, and you will not be
asked to take on any new beliefs. You will only be asked to suspend
your own beliefs long enough to test the concepts and procedures of
NLP in your own sensory experience. That won't take long; most of the
statements and patterns in this book can be tested in a few minutes or a
few hours. If you are skeptical, as I was, you owe it to your skepticism
to check this out, and find out if the outrageous claims made in this
book are valid.
NLP is an explicit and powerful model of human experience and
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